Jeremy Kyle

Jeremy Kyle

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  • Jeremy Kyle on The Jeremy Kyle Show.
  • Jeremy Kyle on The Jeremy Kyle Show.
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Jeremy Kyle born 1965, Reading,UK started out as a radio presenter in the 90s he worked up from local radio to presenting his confessions show on Virgin, then Capital radio where he still has a DJ slot. Jeremy's confessions radio show's format is where listeners ring in to…more


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  • im fighting to save my children and help get justice for other parents

    my children are in foster care//and they are at risk in the system//when i went to court my evidence was not presented before the courts and //there have been concerns about the foster parents but it has just been swepped under the carpet//there have been lies from schools and foster parents//i have all my evidence for my case and i need help to save my children please jeremy kyle help memoreless
  • My view of Jeremy Kyle is that he is a strong, intelligent, honest and fair person. He reads people very well and manages to see the big picture in many instances. He highlights situations and problems that unfortunately are far too prevalent today.moreless

    It is fascinating to watch how people mismanage their lives through lack of communication, honesty and respect. I hope that there are some people who learn from the show and are able to see thier own world with more clarity and manage to change their lives in a positive way. The balanced attitude of Jeremy allows all sides to have their say and from that to move towards a solution. Many problems are multilayered and do not have a single answer but Jeremy opens the doors and guides them towards a better existence.

    He is a man who is not afraid to express his feelings, weaknesses and philosophy and that makes him a much respected man in my view.moreless