Jeremy London





11/7/1972 , San Diego, California, USA

Birth Name

Jeremy Michael London




Jeremy Michael London, was born in San Diego, California on November 7th, 1972 to Frank London, a construction worker, and Deborah Osborn, a waitress. Jeremy and his identical brother, Jason London, started venturing into acting at a young age. His first audition, which his brother went for as well, was for the movie The Man In The Moon. Unfortunately Jason got the role, but Jeremy was Jason's stunt double throughout the movie. After many other roles, he was cast as Griffin in Party Of Five. He became a household name for that. Jeremy also got a role in 7th Heaven as Dr. Chandler Hampton.

He has had his fair share of hardship in his time. When she was only 16, Deirdre London, Jeremy's sister died in a car accident leaving a son behind. Jeremy was also arrested in 2004 because he was allegedly carrying controlled substances and driving without a valid license. But, one of the worst things to happen to him was losing many family members to lung cancer. This made him stop and think about the danger of cigarettes.

Jeremy is very well-known for being an anti-smoker. He directed a documentary, Secrets Through the Smoke, to teach people of the hazardous and disastrous effects smoking has on you. He and brother Jason also wrote two anti-smoking public service titled "Suffering" and "Anniversary".

He married fellow Actress Melissa Cunningham on 9/2/06 in West Hills, Ca.. Their first child, a son called Lyric, was born in March 2007.