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  • Trivia

    • Jeremy is of Cherokee, English and Irish descent.

    • In the spring of 2004, Jeremy was arrested for allegedly driving while his license was suspended as well as for carrying controlled substances.

    • Jeremy's twin brother, Jason, took Jeremy's place in the final episode of I'll Fly Away.

    • Jeremy and his brother Jason have only appeared together on screen once. They both appeared in an episode of 7th Heaven called "Smoking".

    • Jeremy is listed as an associate producer for Dreamers, in which he starred as well.

    • Jeremy wrote and directed Secrets through the Smoke, an educational video aimed at health teachers.

    • Jeremy is 27 minutes younger than his twin brother, Jason.

    • He plays guitar and drums with brother Jason London.

    • He played Professor Harold Hill in his high school's production of "The Music Man".

    • Jeremy was voted "Most Talented Male" in high school.

    • His height is 5' 11".

    • Jeremy has starred in many movies. These include Gods and Generals, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Bad to the Bone, Mallrats, The Babysitter and In Broad Daylight. 2007 was an especially busy year in which he starred in 3 movies: Under the Knife, Nine Is Mine and The Fallen.

    • He attended DeSoto High School in Texas.

    • He proposed to Melissa Cunningham on December 23, 2005, with a three-carat princess-cut diamond ring.

    • Jeremy's wrote and directed two 30 second anti-smoking public service announcements with his twin brother, Jason London, one titled "Suffering" and the other titled "Anniversary".

    • After losing family members to lung cancer, he directed a documentary of the dangers of smoking. Coincidentally, Jason's character on 7th Heaven had a father with lung cancer.

    • His sister Deirdre, died as a result of a car accident, leaving a baby son behind. She was 16 when she died.

    • Jeremy's first audition was for a part in a 1991 film "The Man In The Moon", which his brother Jason got. But Jeremy also found success in the role, being cast as his brother's stunt double.

    • He is one of the very few people to star as a main character in one of Kevin Smith's movies, but never appear in another of his movies.

    • Jeremy and his family moved 13 times over 6 years.

    • His parents divorced when he was young.

    • Guests at Jeremy & 7th Heaven co-star, Melissa Cunningham's wedding included Carmen Electra, Kevin Connolly and Scott Wolf.

  • Quotes

    • Jeremy: I don't think anybody should get married before they're 30. You're too young to really know yourself.

    • Jeremy: I'm gonna be the best dad that ever lived. I'll have a ranch with a race car track and a golf course.

    • Jeremy: I used to be a hopeless romantic - I fell in love with everyone I went out with.

    • Jeremy: I don't know if I'm the quiet or the loud twin, but I'm definitely the nicer twin!

    • Jeremy: Fame will never affect me like that. I'll always be the same person, because when I see myself changing, I'll quit acting. I never want to be somebody else.

    • Jeremy: I've never dreamed of being famous. The idea of it really scares me.