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  • Entourage rules with having Jeremy Piven as one of the main characters - I was biased but have been watching weekly since season 1 and Ari Gold Aka Jeremy Piven is one of the funniest actors going around. Much Love from Australia.

    Jeremy Piven, Rules as the agent with a loud mouth and a wise crack for any situation. I didn't think I would put a review together but with Entourage my fav series and each character owning anyone else on T.V right now I thought it important to give Jeremy his dues. I'm sitting back in my lounge room right now with Season 05 episode 08 playing in the background and I can't possibly imagine this series with anyone else as the Vinnie Chase manager... he's so good it's worth watching just for him. Note: who would of thought that the guy from Rush Hour 2 in the Versace store would be a great actor.
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    Entourage is such a great show. He is also going to be in a play on Broadway! SPEED THE PLOW!!! Check it out!
  • Breakout star of Entourage!

    After three years being stuck on the Ellen show. Jeremy Piven got the break of his career, in the tv show for HBO. Called "Entourage" about the wheelings and dealings of Hollywood agents. But his character shines out above the rest of them. He does play "flawed" characters very flawlessly. So flawlessly that you forget that he is the actor that is playing them. And can slip easly into the character he plays them. Hope that after the show ends, he will have a great career in movies ahead. As he is striving to get better roles ahead of him these days.
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    Jeremy Piven is finally on top of his game. Yeah, with his movies, it's hit or miss, but with his television show, "Entourage," he is on fire having won an emmy. Piven's range of acting is amazing. He can pull off the dramatic role just as easily as he can pull off the comedic role, which is what he is known for.
  • How does this guy not have his own show?

    Yeah yeah yeah, I know, "Cupid" bombed. And maybe Jeremy Piven is destined to be a "Hey It's That Guy" for his whole career, because he nails it. But his performance as the lead in the movie "PCU," his rendition of Hollywood agent Jamie Gold on "Entourage" and his great cameos in "Rush Hour 2" and "Runaway Jury," among many others, really show what he can do.

    So give this guy his own show already, please!

    (We'll just pretend we haven't noticed that he has more hair now than he did 10 years ago. Really. Didn't happen. Nope. I've already forgotten about it.)
  • He might be underrated for now, but that term will not accurately describe him for long. He is a talented actor and it is about time people got to see how well he can fit certain roles.

    eremy Piven has long been looked upon as a background actor incapable of carrying the lead role, but that has definitely changed since he joined the cast of the HBO series “Entourage” as super agent Ari Gold. It is impressive not only that Piven plays the foul-mouthed agent so convincingly, but also that he has evolved into an actor who brings such a tremendous amount of energy to every scene in which he is included. As Ari Gold, Mr. Piven becomes the centerpiece of any scene the moment he walks into the room, and though we have yet to see him bring the same level of intrigue and credibility to other roles, it is only a matter of time before he finds another role that he can absolutely dominate.

    Of course, time commitments for “Entourage” have been a major factor in his not nailing another TV or movie role since he joined the cast, but expect that to eventually change. When I say that, I do not want him to leave “Entourage” early, because his character makes the entire show come together, nor do I want the show to end abruptly, because it is an excellent show. I just cannot wait to see Jeremy Piven carrying a leading role somewhere outside the realm of the “Entourage” universe because I can already sense what a tremendous success it will be.

    Jeremy Piven is stepping out of John Cusak’s shadow, and it is only a matter of time and increased exposure before the general TV and movie watching public begins to take great notice and makes him a household name.
  • Entourage must thank John Cusack.

    Entourage certainly has impacted the lives of the actors in the show, taking them from relative obscurity and throwing them into the spotlight. Jeremy Piven may have been thrown the furthest of them all. For a long time I thought of Piven only as a backgroud character in about every John Cusack film made. That is until Entourage hit HBO. For the last 2 years Jeremy Piven has gone from C+ to B+/A- in the Hollywood scene and thus establishing himself as a possible leading man. The character of Ari Gold struck just that when Piven signed on. I guess we should all give a thanks to John Cusack.
  • Emmy Worthy

    He is awesome. Entourage is LUCKY to have him! I like the show - but come on, he puts it over the top! Like him on Ellen too... but LOVE him in this.

    He definately deserves the Emmy 2005. Hope he gets it.

    (The show is GREAT this season. Best HBO series right now.)