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  • Entourage rules with having Jeremy Piven as one of the main characters - I was biased but have been watching weekly since season 1 and Ari Gold Aka Jeremy Piven is one of the funniest actors going around. Much Love from Australia.

    Jeremy Piven, Rules as the agent with a loud mouth and a wise crack for any situation. I didn't think I would put a review together but with Entourage my fav series and each character owning anyone else on T.V right now I thought it important to give Jeremy his dues. I'm sitting back in my lounge room right now with Season 05 episode 08 playing in the background and I can't possibly imagine this series with anyone else as the Vinnie Chase manager... he's so good it's worth watching just for him. Note: who would of thought that the guy from Rush Hour 2 in the Versace store would be a great actor.