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  • Adorable and good actor

    Jeremy Renner should definitely be in more movies and have more attention be paid to him. Then again that would probably make me like him less, but this is about him not me and he deserves more. He's cute and talented, listen to him sing let alone act. Loved him in The Unusuals and can't wait until Hansel & Gretal this January, hope it's great.
  • Great actor.

    He is sucking on SNL tonight (11-17-12). Great in his movies.
  • This man is perfect.

    This Actor, Jeremy Renner, is by far the best actor i have ever seen in the movie world. He just has so much talent its unbelievable. I feel like he can take on any role, and just be brilliant at it. Jeremy, i feel would have definitely no problem getting a role if he wants it. Plus us girl fans definitely wont mind seeing him in more movies. ;)
  • He definately has the "it" factor.

    Anyone who has seen Jeremy's portrayal of Jeffrey Dahmer in "Dahmer" know how serious he takes his roles. For how few roles he's had, he's shown real talent and charisma ("S.W.A.T." being a prime example of his charisma). If he stays his course, I have no doubt Jeremy will be a huge star one day.