Jeremy Sisto

Jeremy Sisto


10/6/1974, Grass Valley, California

Birth Name

Jeremy Merton Sisto



Also Known As

Jeremy Sisto, Jeremy Merton Sisto
  •  Jeremy Sisto on Suburgatory Season 2.
  • Jeremy Sisto on Suburgatory season 1.
  • Jeremy Sisto on Suburgatory.
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Jeremy Merton Sisto was born on October 6, 1974 to Reedy Gibbs and Richard Sisto. He was born in Grass Valley, California, and grew up in Chicago, Illinois. He has one sister, Meadow, who is also an actress. His mother Reedy is an actress too. His father is…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Jeremy Sisto played his role very well, in the short time he was allowed to do so, because of the untimely cancellation of the show. So maybe the ratings had dropped. It still was a very well-liked, and well-performed series.moreless

    Jeremy Sisto played a perfect roll in this series. I am very upset that NBC dropped the show with not so much as a decent send-off, after 20 years! What kind of a major network is this!!! I liked Jeremy rough-textured performance. He worked very well with all the other cast members. I hope he lands a really great role in the future, as he surely deserves it. This show was so well portrayed, and seemed so close to real life, that I will miss it terribly. No other Law and Order series, with the exception of Special Victims, can hold a candle to it.moreless
  • Talented actor and he's Hot what a great combination =D

    Though nobody can ever replace Detective Lennie Briscoe (RIP JERRY ORBACH) as the best detective, I love this man as Detective Cyrus Lupo IMO he's the next Briscoe. I love his sarcasm and I love how smart he is on Law & Order. He also did such a good job on Six Feet Under portraying the crazy nut case Billy . He's such an underrated actor, he so talented and super sexy he should get a emmy for being a great actor and an award for being one of the most gorgeous men in the world with such a haunting yet sexy deep voice.moreless