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Jeremy Slate


2/17/1926, Atlantic City, NJ



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Jeremy Slate


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Jeremy Slate was an American actor who gained fame in the early 1960s on the television series "The Aquanauts" about two ex-Navy scuba divers running a dive shop and business in southern California. A few years later he appeared alongside Elvis Presley in the feature "Girls! Girls! Girls!"…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Jeremy's character was responsible for the cold-blooded machine gunning of nine Mexican prostitutes in an episode of The Untouchables entitled "The White Slavers".

    • Jeremy had a brawl in the mud with Robert Stack in an episode of The Untouchables entitled "A Taste For Pineapple". That episode was the final first run episode of The Untouchables to air.

    • Jeremy wrote the lyrics to Tex Ritter's top ten hit song Just Beyond the Moon.

    • Jeremy's "biker" films include The Born Losers, Mini-Skirt Mob, Hell's Belles and Hell's Angels 69.

    • He spent 8 years playing Chuck Wilson on the ABC daytime drama One Life To Live.

    • Movie dying scenes include attempting to save John Wayne's life in The Sons Of Katie Elder, being hanged on the tv series Gunsmoke, being shot between the eyes in the Billy Jack movie Born Losers and as a human torch in The Lawnmower Man.

    • Another great movie scene involved Jeremy's character getting shot by John Wayne in True Grit.

    • Frankie Avalon got to break a guitar over Jeremy's head in the film I'll Take Sweden.

    • He was punched out by Elvis Presley in the movie Girls! Girls! Girls!.

    • Jeremy has guest-starred in nearly a hundred television shows and has appeared in twenty feature films.

    • He and his family lived for a period of time in Lima, Peru while he worked for a shipping company. It was here that he joined a theatre group and began his acting career by winning the Peruvian equivalent of the Tony Award.

    • Jeremy is the father of two daughters and three sons.

    • Upon graduating from college, Slate became a sports announcer on ABC and CBS affiliate radio stations.

    • Jeremy was president of the student body at St. Lawrence University as well as the editor of the school's literary magazine and a member of the football team.

    • Jeremy has also worked as a radio announcer, actor and director.

    • Jeremy is a prolific writer, including songs and screenplays.

    • He graduated college with honors in English.

    • Jeremy has worked as a lifeguard and swimming instructor and was the first person to swim across the Long Island Sound after World War II.

    • Jeremy made a vow during the Omaha Beach invasion that if he survived the attack, he would live life to the fullest in a series of never ending adventures.

    • Jeremy had just turned 18 when his Naval Destroyer joined the invasion of Normandy on D-Day.

    • Jeremy joined the Navy at age 16.

    • Jeremy wrote the lyrics to the Glen Campbell song Every Time I Itch (I Wind Up Scratchin' You).

  • Quotes

  • Jeremy Slate had the talent to be a big star.

    Back in the early 60\'s, I had the good fortune to babysit Jeremy and Beverly Slate\'s children because my mother was the family housekeeper. Not only was he talented and good looking but was a really nice person with a great family. I always thought he should have been a bigger star.