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    Hummmm... Not much in the way of activity in here for Jeri. Not sure if anybody's gonna see this, but what the heck.

    I just finished a music video featuring Jeri that I uploaded to youtube. A bit of a different take then the usual hot, sexy babe videos normally associated with her. This one focuses more on her tendency to portray characters with a bit of an edgy attitude, which is the main reason I'm a fan. Well that and I think she's funny as hell too. So this one's got lots of fast paced, kick ass action, with a bit of humor (I hope) tossed in too. Here's the link:

    Note: For increased viewing pleasure, I recommend viewing it as high quality. Click on "Watch in High Quality" located right under the video window. There's a noticeable difference, especially for the Boston Public and Dark Skies clips.


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