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  • Spotlight stealer!

    Jeri Ryan on Star trek Voyager quickly used her influence over Executive producer B. Barga, her boyfriend at the time to make the show about her.

    I have to say that adding her to the show was unnecessary after Kes departed, she didn't not bring anything to the show that couldn't have been done without her. (The enemies that faced, The Borg, etc… Like the Wesley Crusher and Tasha Yar characters, she was just not needed.

    Anyone who seen the show know the seasons 5 and 6 almost every episode was about her and the Borg.
    And most were just some of the worst episodes.

    By the end of the 6 season it's said that Jeri Ryan was not on speaking terms with most of the actors, (Garnet Wang most of all, who was the most outspoken about Jeri and why his character really never improved much), but Robert Picardo and Robert Beltran. If you watch the show again you'll see that by the 6 season most of her line and interaction are with the Doctor (Picardo) or Robert Beltran (Chakotay).

    She had indirect line with the rest most of the time, over the com or third person talks with the others. Picardo and Beltran the only ones on speaking terms with Ryan felt that the show was becoming too much about her and why seasons 5 and 6 were just the worst.

    This is why Season 7 when the show ratings were going up, it ended suddenly. It's said that many of the other actors would only do a few more season, if they kill off Jeri Ryan character.

    The writers and Producers (her boyfriend at the time) decided they'll end it.
  • She's okay I guess ...

    Yes, she's pretty, and I'll admit that I have seen her in a few roles that I thought she did very well in ... unfortunately where Star Trek: Voyager is concerned - she was seriously overused.

    I can understand that she was dating producer B. Braga at the time, and he probably wanted to make his little girlfriend happy, but c'mon did the final seasons have to turn into the 7of9 hour?? It got old fast, and made me incredibly sick of her.
  • Jeri Ryan is an attractive actress. But she brings realism to roles in shows that often lack it.

    I've only seen her in Star Trek, and two episodes of Two and a Half Men.

    She can be very good and reliable character in Star Trek. But what I really like about this actress is her performance in Two and a Half Men.

    That show is a horrible show, however she brings so much to her roles. She's the only person I've ever seen in that show actually laugh. And it felt so real. Sure, some of the writing ruins this actress, but she brings so much to a role. She actually made a crap show watchable. Her talent super seeded the unrealistic nature of Two and a Half Men, and actually made it feel a little real.
  • hubbah!! hubbah!! what a hottie!!!

    Wow!! I think that sums it all up! What better word to describe Jeri Ryan is there!? I mean really, she's got it all: looks, talent, brains... in other words she's perfect! And when u add the fact that her ageing hasn't influenced her looks in the least, you realize she's not only the perfect actress but the perfect woman too! She's pushing 40 and I'm not ashamed to say i find her more attractive than girls my age! You might think that I have a thing for older women, but I actually dont! It also has nothing to do with her social status, its just physical attraction twards a very beautiful woman! I think her ex husband Jack Ryan is a fool for letting her go! Women like this are so rare they should be regarded as an "endangered specie"!
  • Excellent actress combined with beauty

    I've been watching her since her first appearance in Star Trek voyager, playing Seven of Nine, the borg drone separated from the collective, she acted so well in that role, it's hard not to show emotion, then growing up more human.

    When Voyager season ended she moved to Boston Public and did a very good job there as one of the teachers, I was hooked with that series since she arrived to lighten up the place.

    Too bad she's never had a leading role, I think she will do an excellent job at it, we hope to see her more often in TV and not as a guest star or secondary actress..

    Go Jeri!
  • Not only gorgeous but very talented

    I know Jeri Ryan both from Star Trek Voyager and Two and a half men. I think she is really beautiful but I think her talent as an actress overcomes her beauty. She has done a perfect job with 7of9 in fact we can see her evolving (or perhaps devolving) from borg to human, and while watching it I thought she had shown perfectly well how a borg can cry and be moved or be in love with someone or hate is "borgness". I think that isn't easy, to be a kinda machine being who starts to feel emotion but she managed to express that perfectly well.
  • claim to fame: her role as seven of nine in star trek voyager

    only jeri ryan can shift from a seemingly cold borg to a very emotional ex-lawyer/high school teacher. haven't seen her yet in the OC but i expect her to be sassy there. she's got a perfect figure, i can't believe that she's already a mom. and that beauty queen smile, wonder if the guys are still crazy about her... definitely her most memorable role is still seven of nine from star trek voyager. i would like her to shift to the big screen... she's too good for TV, i think. oh did i tell that she can sing? her take on the standard "that old black magic" and that nursery rhyme "you are my sunshine" on voyager is so un-borg.
  • She is stunning and beautifull in every way. And as an actress she should be given bigger and better roles. What a woman.

    I said it once and I will say it again what a woman. She is my favorite actress and makes me wish that I was a borg with exray eyes. Not to be a perve but well I must admit shes really one of the most attractive woman alive and I do not know who found her but way to go.
  • She's very pretty!

    Jeri Ryan is best known for her role on Star Trek. She then was on Boston Public. She's not a very good actress but she is hot. She has a great body. Full lips. Beautiful blue eyes. An extremely sexy cleft chin. She's great, but her parts are kind of one note.