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  • Seven Of Nine.

    Well, Jeri Ryan is Beautiful, you cant deny that, but i am also a Trekkie & Star Trek:Voyager was / is my favorite Trek Show off all, i was watching season - 5 yesterday on DVD. But Jeri you did have influence on that show because you were the girlfriend of Brannon Braga, either you (Jeri) or Robert Beltran mention in a interview about a relationship between Chakotay / Seven Of Nine & you said i'll talk to Brannon about the relationship & bang in the last 4 episode's of Voyager there it was & Trek Fans all over the world were very surprised (Where Did This Relationship Come From). There was tension on the set of Voyager, you & Kate Mulgrew who i adore did not get along at all, but Kate said in a interview that she respected & admired you as an actress. For 2 people that didn't get along off screen, you could never tell in a million years, the acting was that good on screen. So you are an amazing actress Jeri Ryan (The First Time I Saw You Was In "Dark Skies" ). I feel so much better after saying all that.