Jermaine Jackson





12/11/1954 , Gary, Indiana

Birth Name

Jermaine LaJaune Jackson




Jermaine was the fourth child to be born to Joe and Kathrine Jackson. In the Jackson 5 he played the Bass guitar and lead vocals until 1967 when he shared vocals with brother Michael. Following the Jackson 5 success like his brother Michael he also released a series of solo albums. In 1976 Jermaine decided to stay at Motown when the rest of his brothers went to Epic records. This was due to the fact that he had just married Hazel Gordy the daughter of Mowtown boss Berry Gordy. He rejoined the group in 1984 for the Victory tour and continued to release solo albums throughout the late eighties. In 2001 he joined his brothers on TV for a special tribute concert celebrating 30 years of Michael's solo success. In 1989 Jermaine converted to Islam and adopted the name Muhammad Abdul Aziz while in Bahrain. He currently lives in Dubai with his third wife Haleema Rasheed.