Jerome Bettis

Jerome Bettis


2/16/1972, Detroit, Michigan, USA

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Jerome Abram Bettis



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The Bus
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#36 | Running back | Pittsburgh Steelers Height: 5-11 Weight: 255 Born: Feb 16, 1972 - Detroit, MI College: Notre Dame Draft: 1993 - 1st round (10th pick) by the Los Angeles Rams


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    • Bettis (Jerome Bettis has scored 10 touchdowns this year, earning him a $100,000 bonus, But he was stopped for no gain on three runs from the Cleveland 1 in the fourth quarter, the first time he has failed to score this season in short-yardage situations. Before the game, Browns Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown called Bettis aside for a chat.): He just told me to keep it up, keep working hard, and he liked my style, ... He said we would talk in the off-season. Whenever the greatest of all-time tells you that, that's a compliment.

    • Bettis: I still think I can get it done. I still think I can play this game.

    • Bettis: I'm fifth all-time, and I fit in somewhere, ... It was like, wait a minute, I'm not just an ordinary guy. I've been able to do some extraordinary things in an ordinary body, but I'm not an ordinary guy.

    • Bettis: They knew I was going to get the ball? They had nine in the box, ... But I was fortunate enough to make a guy miss, or to take a guy with me. That's why I'm still around.

    • Bettis: There was a possibility I could have played against New England, but we had a bye week after that, and they wanted to give me another two weeks. It turned out to be the best call.

    • Bettis: The frustrating part for me was listening to everybody talk about, well should I play.

    • Bettis: After Ben got hurt, I told Charlie, 'When you give me the ball, look it all the way into my body,' ... 'Just look it into me. I'll do the rest.

    • Bettis: The difference in my situation is that I can still do everything in this offense that's been asked of me, ... It's not a finesse offense, so I'm not exposed. From tackle to tackle, I still put myself up there with some of the best in the game.

    • Bettis: The body doesn't bounce back like it once did, ... The beating has taken its toll, so physically you don't feel as strong as you used to.

    • Bettis: I was never a fast guy, ... So the little speed I did have and may have lost is not detectable. People look at me as a guy with quick feet and power. Because of that, I'm able to do the same things I was able to do at 26 and 27. I don't rely on speed, never have, so my game doesn't have to change much.

    • Bettis: I was a spectator out there, ... I can't give you much more than that.

    • Bettis: We made some bad decisions and we gave the football away. You can't do that.

    • Bettis: It's a tough one to swallow because you feel you had the game in hand and you couldn't get it done.

    • Bettis: Hopefully, I'll get in early and see what happens but, as a role player, you have to understand that the opportunities may be there and may not be there, ... It depends on how it works out.

    • Bettis: Hopefully, I'll get in early and see what happens but, as a role player, you have to understand that the opportunities may be there and may not be there, ... It depends on how it works out.

    • Bettis: I do know that I would have loved to have been in there late in the game, ... Coach and I talked about all the situations that happened in the game and everything that was going on. But it's a conversation I'm going to keep and not talk about.

    • Bettis: These guys dominate their position, ... They cause offensive lines to double those guys to get any movement and that's when the linebackers take over. If you do want to get some movement on the center, you have to get a guard to help the center. If you do want to move that tackle, you have to commit something to it so it creates a problem.

    • Bettis: It's working that way, and, hopefully, if I can stay healthy toward the end of the year, it's a big plus for us, ... That's the fun part, to be able to go out there and still contribute. To be on the sideline all those weeks, it was frustrating, so it was good to go back out there and pound the ball and show people it was still there.

    • Bettis: I'm happy for them, ... They got a chance to get one, that's the goal. I'm not bitter or anything like that.

    • Bettis: But that's nothing new. We're going to be a running team whether it's Ben or Tommy or Charlie at quarterback. And we'll still throw the football, too.

    • Bettis: I went to Charlie and said, 'Give it to me, look it all the way in, follow me as I go through, and I'll do the rest.

    • Bettis: I feel great, I feel fresh. And officially, I am back.

    • Bettis: In my book he has, but guess what? My book don't mean much, ... I don't know. That's why you have to defer to the big fella, who's supposed to make those decisions. I don't get paid to make those decisions.

    • Bettis: The first year, you're a fish out of water; you have no idea of the offense. Year two, you know the offense, you're comfortable. Now you can see the confidence come out, so now you see an athlete look like a totally different football player because they've got confidence, they're playing with authority and they understand where they need to be. So it's not so much that they get better in terms of talent, but you can see the talent.

    • Bettis: We don't have to be as good as we were last year, ... It doesn't matter if we're 15-1 again - if we're 10-6 but we win the Super Bowl, that's a better season.

    • Bettis (On the Ravens): People count them out every time they play a worthy opponent and they find a way to beat them, and you have to respect that.

    • Bettis: We know we have the pieces in place, ... That's evident. You look at last year, with us being a game away. So we know that. The question going into this camp is can we create that same chemistry? Can everybody play at that same level that we played last year? Can we be that same football team? In this business, that's the hardest thing to do.

    • Bettis: We knew what this was all about, and we couldn't afford to lose. You still got to go through us.

    • Bettis: We talked, ... We just talked about all the situations that happened in the game and everything that was going on. That's a conversation I'm going to actually keep and not really talk about.

    • Bettis: We knew coming in that if we wanted to control this division, this was the game.

    • Bettis: Maybe they're just laying low. But you'd better believe when Monday night comes they're going to be ready. This is the biggest rivalry in our division, and they'll be ready and we'll be ready.

    • Bettis (On Ben getting hurt): That will be a tough situation, ... But it's not like we haven't dealt with bigger issues than that. That's why we have quality backups, because everybody is capable of playing well. That's what we need right now.

    • Bettis: Toward the end of the game today, I said we've been hunting these teams, trying to get respect. And now maybe it's a situation where we're going to be hunted. We've got to understand the situation and stay as hungry and keep trying to prove that we're a good football team.

    • Bettis: Even when it's warm, they don't want to see me, trust me. I try to make it as difficult as possible for those guys and as painful as possible every time they tackle me. So late in the game, in the fourth quarter, that's when you start getting those big runs, because they don't want to come up and tackle you.

    • Bettis: Whenever you go into a situation where it could be your last play, there's a sense of desperation. I definitely feel it, and I try to encourage my teammates and lead by example. It doesn't matter how we do it, all that matters is we get it done.

    • Bettis: I think the biggest thing was understanding what we are going into. I think not playing in a dome for so many years, it really rattled us. We understood it was going to be loud and you can't do anything about it but play through it.

    • Bettis: No question. I felt, a couple of those years, we had the best team, that was the sad part. All three years, I felt we had the better team, better than the three eventual Super Bowl winners.