Jerri Manthey

Jerri Manthey


9/5/1970, Stuttgart, Germany

Birth Name

Jerri Lynn Manthey



Also Known As

Jerri Lynn London, Jerry Manthey
  • Jerry Manthey is a villain on Survivor: ...
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Jerri Manthey was born in Stuttgart, Germany and attended both high school and college in Germany. Manthey's acting debut was in the movie That Championship Season (1999) using the name Jerri Lynn London. She also appeared in the movies The Limited (2000) and Destiny (2002). She is currently…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • One of the people you loved to hate!

    Next to Richard Hatch and Jonny Fairplay, she is one

    Of the most talked about villians not just in the

    Show Survivor but in all reality shows ever! She definately should had been voted out asap when she accused poor Kel

    For smuggling beef jerky! Gosh what a you know what! She

    Really shouldn't had gone as further as she did though I kind of liked her a little bit more on All-Stars!
  • A confused woman

    A confused woman who wants to be a celebrity but whines when she receives attention she doesn’t approve of. The problem with this approach is that traditionally one becomes a star first then plays the diva. Jerri made a fool of herself and lost many of the fans she may have had by putting up a first class whine on the Survivor All-Star reunion show. She started her bitter rant complaining that somehow people on reality shows shouldn’t be criticized, because they are “real people” and the stupid “fans” just don’t get this. Of course the problem with this notion is that all celebrities are real people, and get the same sort of personal criticism. If Jerri can’t stand public criticism she should stop her regular appearances on reality shows. If she thinks becoming an actress, and appearing in movies will shield her from criticism, she has another thing coming.moreless