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  • Jerry Jewell is an amazing voice actor. He just keeps nailing his characters with ease and believe-ability!

    I first heard Jerry Jewell on Fruits Basket as Kyo. I instantly fell in love with Kyo. The voice was exactlly what I imagined when I was reading the manga. I already loved Kyo from the manga, Jewell just added more to the character. My brother then got me into FMA and he played Barry the Chopper- a psycotic killer. The role was small but pulled off beautifully. I then started looking for Jewell in the credits since I loved his work so much. That is how I found Kodocha- a nutty slap stick comedy/drama and the angsty Akito. Again Jewell delivered. I was 3 for 3 with Jewell and started Case Closed. I realized I loved listening to him. He was so believable, not to metion talented. I can't wait to hear him in future shows! He has talent and promise!