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Jerry Lawler

Jerry Lawler


11/29/1949, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Birth Name

Jerry O'Neil Lawler



Also Known As

Masked Man #1, King of Memphis, Jerry 'The King' Lawler, Hawaiian Flash, The King
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He held the USWA title more than any other wrestlers that was in that company. He appeared in the movie Man On The Moon in 1999 with actor Jim Carey, His son, Brian Christopher Lawler wrestled in the WWE under the name of Grandmaster Sexay. He is a…more


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  • The King!

    Jerry The King Lawler is currently on RAW with Jim Ross doing commentary and he is one of my favorite things about RAW he is always good and funny at his job and you can really tell he is happy to be their each and every week he has also wrestled on occasions evern though King was a wrestler before I was born I know he has held many tittles and has been in many matchs over all of the years he truely one of the greatest in the WWE RAW and I hope he continues their I rate Jerry Lawler a 10moreless
  • Good color commentator

    The reason I actually am giving him a 9 is because of the classic king he used to give us, when he was a heel announcer and would always root for the faces. But now he is a face lover just like JR and sometimes he can be very boring to listen to. Maybe someday he will go back to cheering for the heels.