Jerry Mathers





6/2/1948 , Sioux City, Iowa, USA

Birth Name

Jerry Mathers




Jerry Mathers, better known as the Beaver, is the quintesscential American boy through the Leave it to Beaver Series. Mathers, who had numerous movie parts previously (Most notably, the Trouble with Harry (1955)), is reported to have auditioned for the Beaver part while dressed for his Cub Scout meeting, scheduled later in the day. During the process, he remarked as to how long this would take, as he had his meeting to attend. His mother was aghast, but the show's producers, looking for a real-life depiction of the times, knew then and there he was the one. Now in syndication, the show ran for many years.
There have been a few made for TV revivals and even a movie (in which he declined to appear)Mathers, who later joined the Armed Services (and was thought to have died in action), has penned 2 books and is living in So CA.