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  • . Jerry Nelson (1934-2012)

    Sadly, On August 24th, 2012, He died. He was 78. :'(
  • Jerry Nelson is my favorite muppet performer of all time!

    Jerry has a great vocal range providing voices for many of my favorite characters, like Floyd, Uncle Deadly, crazy harry, and the Count. He has a great ability to provide so many unique voices for so many different charcters. He just brings believable personality to all his characters. The fact he can pull off some amazing vocal abilities, such as singing at incresing tempo (like in the Ruth Buzzi episode when the electric mayhem was performing Sunny), is amazing. Its a shame he is retired and not going to do his Muppet Show voices (he still is doing his sesame street voices though)
  • Jerry Nelson's one of my favorite Sesame Street puppeteers! He does The Count, one of my fav Sesame Street characters.

    Jerry Nelson's great at voicing The Count Von Count. He is also great at doing Fat Blue, Sherlock Hemlock, and many more.

    For The Count:
    Greetings! It is I, The Count. I am called The Count because I love to count things, yes. Ah Ah Ah!
    For Sherlock Hemlock:
    E-Gad! Yet another mystery solved by Sherlock Hemlock the world's greatest detective.
    For Fat Blue:
    (Sees Grover)Oh No, it's you again!

    Jerry Nelson does some of the funniest characters on Sesame Street.