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    • Here's his credits for the Muppet films.

      Muppet Movie-Floyd Pepper, Robin, Lew Zealand, Crazy Harry and Camilla.

      Great Muppet Caper-Camilla, Floyd Pepper, Lew Zealand, Robin and Crazy Harry.

      Muppets Take Manhatten-Floyd Pepper, Robin, Camilla, Crazy Harry and Lew Zealand.

      Muppets Christmas Carol-Ghost of Christmas Present, Robin, Statler and Lew Zealand.

      Muppet Treasure Island-Mad Monty, Blind Pew, Floyd Pepper, Statler,Robin and Lew Zealand.

      Muppets From Space-Statler, Ubergonzo, Robin, Floyd Pepper and Camilla.

      It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie-Floyd Pepper, Robin, Camilla, Lew Zealand and Statler.

      Kermit's Swamp Years-Statler.

      Follow that Bird-The Count.

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