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    Time to bring back your best work my friend!
    Sliders needs to be re-visited, and resolved! Sliders is one of the best Sci Fi shows of the decade, and the ending which sadly didn't include you or your brother left the fans very un happy.

    Please Jerry if you see this one day come to your senses man! Give the fans what they want!

    The Return of Quinn, and the Sliders!

    Hell I will write the script for the return if you want, and won't charge a penny!!! lol

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    Although I appreciate your enthusiasm I have never seen Sliders but I am near-certain we won't see a return of the series ever again, at least with Jerry. You never know what the networks will revamp (and this is a very unlikely pick), but even if they do Jerry has so much moved on. Hate to be a bummer, but I don't think I'd give this anymore thought. And it doesn't take one actor and one amature writer to make a series.
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