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  • Great actor.

    Love him. So happy for him personaly. FUNNY!
  • Funny

    Good acting... Killer role playing.
  • Seems like such a sweetheart and is an amazing actor, loved him in SLiders and Crossing Jordan

    Love this guy, the reason i turned the tv to crossing jordan and now it is one of my all time favs. He seems like one of the nice guys and can really act. He needs to be put in some bigger movies to show off his amazing talent

    I think it was the cutest how him and his wife got married in their backyard when all the guests thought they were just going to a BBQ, totally reakon that is the way to get married. "I'm the kind of guy who can't keep a plant alive for a week, let alone a relationship."
  • Jerry O'Connell is one of the most gorgeous actors in television. He has talent, he has a great face and a hot bod!!! What more do you need in an actor???

    Jerry O'Connell is best known as Det. Woody Hoyt from TV's Crossing Jordan. The character is a homicide detective who often ends up working cases with the title character, Jordan Cavanaugh. While Jordan is an obsessive, slightly unstable character, Woody has the ability to ensure she follows the rules. The character of Hoyt has had a bit of a transformation after being shot in the past season. He became the rule breaker and Jordan had to keep him from becoming a muderer. O'Connell played the part of the pained detective very well. Managing to play the frustrated and angry detective in a way that it was understated, so that it was plausable that his fellow detectives didn't realise how rapidly he was sinking into his rage. The will they, wont they relationship between Jordan and Woody is the main reason viewers keep turning this show on. I hope they get together in the end.
  • Jerry O'Connell is an amazing actor, he is just fantastic!! I did not find out about him till he became a recurring role on Crossing Jordan as Woody Hoyt, but now I love him and wish he was on more shows, he deserves to be because he is that good!

    I admit I did only really love Jerry O’Connell because of his role as Woody Hoyt on Crossing Jordan, but since then I have seen Tomcats, Scream 2 and Kangaroo Jack and now I love him to bits!!! He is so cute in every show he is in and I just love watching him. I also saw him on Oprah a little while ago and i was so excited. I would go to the movies to see any movie he was in, just because he was in it and I think that he is really underrated. He should have been a huge star!! He is also so HOT!!!
  • Jerry O'Connell is just so cute. Therefor it is sad that he isn't seen in many serious movies.

    Jerry O'Connell is such a cute guy. I first saw him on "Sliders" and I really got to like him. When he quit with Sliders I was very disappointed as his charcter was a main reason to watch that series. After that I started looking out for other appearances of him. Now and then he appeared in other movies but somehow never got a serious and big role which was quite sad.

    With his role as "Woody Hoyt" he finally got a role where he can be both sweet and serious. He is really adding charm to "Crossing Jordan" and therefore it's no wonder why he became a regular cast member.

    Nethertheless I still would like to see him in a big movie as a main character. I think he is really underrated as he puts so much charm in his roles that one just has to love him.
  • Jerry O'connell is cool! I hope he gets a great show soon, I miss him. Sliders was a good show!

    Jerry is awesome! I miss sliders! And it was cool when Charlie showed up as his brother on the show. It was great seeing Charlie on a show I never would watch (The Batchlor) but heck they are both cool and have a nice family from what I saw. You looked great in the 60\'s movie Jerry. A fan ... Stay cool!