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  • I like this guys everyman aproach

    This guy knows comedy. He takes everyday frustrations and events we take for granted and enlightens us by trying to be serious but obviously having comedy in the skit lingering close by. This is one comedian I can relate to.

  • Complete Moron

    Jerry Seinfeld is with out a doubt one of the stupidest actors I have ever came across. He is completely moronic. I honestly dont understand what is the big deal with him. I personally do not find anything about him funny or even remotely humorus. I wonder what he is planning on doing in the future since Seinfeld has ended. Hopefully whatever he decides to come up with it wont be as ridiculous as his first show was. Or maybe better yet he wont come out with anything new and we can perhaps put the memory of Seinfeld behinds us for good
  • damn funny

    One of the most funniest men on the planet. he has his own kind of humor, its really good.
    and the show seinfeld, great it is the best show of the 90s. all the characters are well thought and they really put some work in the show.
    i really recommend watching it! its just so funny.
    and for all who are not tv-addicts like me or who ever is looking for a good show to watch, try seinfeld, im sure you will laugh and laugh and laugh.
    i mean it has 9 seasons, thats not nothing.

    well that was it, just watch and have fun!
  • Funny man.

    Well, I must say that Jerry Seinfeld was a far funnier guy when he was with the other three members of Seinfeld. But by himself, he is still a very funny guy. I think that he basically is what he is. He is a comic that thrives on nothing. That is what he does better than any other comic. On Seinfeld, he was a great main character. I thought that he was really the glue that held the show together. He was also the ringleader most of the time. Overall, he is absolutely a funny person and is one of the funniest comics ever. Thank you.
  • What would the world be like without Jerry Seinfeld?

    NOTHING! That's what it would be!

    Some people I know don't like Jerry Seinfeld, and I just can't imagine why. Not only did he create one of the world's greatest shows, Seinfeld, he's extremely funny and creative. So what's not to like about him?

    This guy has to be the funniest person alive today, so many people love him and I personally want to see more of his work. Should he bring Seinfeld back? Duh, but I doubt that's gonna happen. But it would be amazing if he did. At least a reunion.

    Nobody can be politically correct if they say Jerry isn't creative. End of story.
  • This guy is hilarious.

    Jerry Seinfeld is one of the funniest guys ever. He is just so funny and I'm so glad he made Seinfeld. This is my all time favorite show and the scripts are hilarious. Obviously the show is so good because it is about nothing in particular, just about everyday life. He is such a talented comedian and he is known world wide for his TV show. Also he picked a very good cast for Seinfeld and they each have their own individual sense of humor. I can not believe he is 53 though!! Wow Seinfeld has been on for ages.
  • Jerry Seinfeld, stand-up comedian and star/co-creator of the hit show Seinfeld.

    Jerry Seinfeld is primarily a stand-up comedian who is best known for his creation of the hit comedy with his namesake, Seinfeld. The show has been regarded as an all-time great and has won numerous Emmy awards, and will probably be shown on re-runs for years to come. Seinfeld's role as the main character show is ironic, because, in reality, the show revolves around the stories of the other characters even more as they revolve around Jerry. As far as acting quality goes, Jerry isn't the best. But it was his orginal ideas which helped to make the show so successful. To add to the comedy of the show, each episode begins a brief stand-up bit by Jerry usually relating in some way to the episode. Some of these clips give us a glimpse of how funny Seinfeld really is.
  • He continues to be funny, and make us feel good!

    His show "Seinfeld" made us laugh, and still does in syndication. The show is brilliantly written and it's hilarious situations offer side splitting laughter. Jerry has also made us burst with his stand up for years. His interesting view of society, and the way things work make us think and chuckle. Like his fellow Seinfeld stars, he didn't try to do another show after it. He was happy going back to stand up where he was successful, and continues to be. Jerry Seinfeld has shown us that he is perfectly content with making us laugh and doesn't have to be in the spotlight every second. He is one of the all time greats!
  • Has his own show, his own movies, is a comedian, really funny, and an excellent actor as well.

    Jerry Seinfeld was born on April 29, 1954 in Brooklyn, NY to parents Kalman and Betty, but his family moved to Massepequa, Long Island when he was young. His real birth name is Jerome Seinfeld, other peolpe call him are Ted L. Nancy, and Little Jerry. He went to college at Oswego University in upstate NY, but transferred to Queens College in NYC. He developed an interest in standup comedy after a few stints in college productions. He bounced around clubs doing standup. His television debut came in 1976 on the Rodney Dangerfield HBO Special. After that he made appearances on shows such as Letterman and Merv Griffin. He appeared four times as a guest star on "Benson" as Frankie, but was fired. He vowed never to do a sitcom again unless he had greater control. This chance arose in 1979 when NBC invited him to work on a sitcom which eventually became "The Seinfeld Chronicles," then "Seinfeld." This show carried on for nine years and ended because Jerry wanted the show to end while still at its peak.

    HILARIOUS! Jerry Seinfeld is a great comedian, and whilst he isn't as offensive as most comedians, he is still funny. He may not be the best actor, but his role on Seinfeld was great! Not to mention being an awesome writer for the show, especially with Larry David working with him. They are both great writers, comedians and are just plain hilarious! Really, he is awesome! Both are awesome! I wish Seinfeld didn't have to end, it was such a great show! But I guess it was starting to get stale and they did pull out at the right time. Still, another season wouldn't have been that bad!
  • empty

    He is one great comedian. His show "Seinfeld" is awesome funny, and I think that it is one of the best sitcoms ever, and his way of doing things and the sarcastic way he looks different things make Jerry Seinfeld one of the most original and one of the best comedians ever in history. I think that he is really cool...
  • This is my first review, and I am reviewing Jerry Seinfeld, my all time favorite comedian.

    Jerry Seinfeld is my all time favorite comedian, pulling material from everyday life. He tells of the hilarious, but also true, aspects of everyday life, things as common as going to the supermarket, the cheap masks on halloween, and how docters make you sit in little rooms in your underwear. Jerry also created the hit show "Seinfeld" with the help of Larry David. It was about the everyday life of Jerry Seinfeld, George Costanza, Elaine Bennes, and one of the most memorable sitcom characters of all time, Cosmo Kramer, affectionatley referred to by his many fans, Kramer. In my opinion Jerry Seinfeld is one of the best comedians of all time, and the defining comedian of the 90's.
  • Jerry is great

    Jerry Seinfeld was the main character and creator of my all time favorite show Seinfeld, as he made that show what it was along with Larry David. Jerry of course is also a stand up comedian, which I thought he aso did great work in, overall Jerry is great at what he does: entertain
  • Jerry Seinfeld is a comedian and actor who stared in the popular comedy,Seinfeld, as himself. It had much success and he was a common household name throughout America.

    Jerry Seinfeld is a comedic genius and a great actor. He was behind and starred in the widely known sitcom,Seinfeld. He episodes live in syndication yet he still is around, a guest on Late Night with David Letterman and is starring in his biography.With as much fame as he got, his costars also got this fame. He was able to draw in millions of viewers each week and this was a reason for his success. He is one of the greatest comedians to star in his own sitcom. He is also known for his stand up which is also shown on his show. Jerry Seinfeld is the greatest of his time.
  • Great actor! Comic genius!

    From his start as a stand up comic to his peak as Star of his own show Seinfeld. Jerry Seinfeld was a great comic. Always having brilliant jokes and prefect reactions to whateve any one would thorw at his I always considered him great. I see him constently in reruns of Seinfeld and no matter how many times I have alread seem the episode I still laugh at his jokes like I was just a first time viewer. He is a great actor who is sadly not seen to often now but does more stand-up in clubs then on T.V. I truly hope he would come back and do a new show because he is amazing. Until then I have reruns of Seinfeld every night.
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  • What's the deal?

    Famously known for his role as the main star of Seinfeld (hence the name of the show), Jerry Seinfeld is one of the best comedians out there. Sure he can't act but he can tell funny jokes on a sitcom. It's all about being funny on a comedy show. Thanks Seinfeld for a excellent show.
  • Hidden Gem

    I live in UK an for the average person on the street they will not know of Jerry Seinfeld or the "Seinfeld" show, or every now and then someone may say they have heard the name. This is a shame because Seinfeld - along with Larry David - is a true original. You have to respect them both for being given an opportunity by a mega corporation and refusing to relent from their vision for their show and being willing to walk away from it if it was changed.
    Theit humour was different from anything else being shown and it came across loud and clear in the show and you can still notice a marked difference today with Seinfeld and other comedy shows. How often these days do you see two guys sit still on a sofa for 3 minutes and talk about job opportunities?
    The UK didn't know who to aim Seinfeld at so gave it the graveyard shift despite mass critical acclaim from the media and reviewers. Fortunately being a night owl I found it and haven't let it go ever since.

    Serenity now.
  • Jerry Seinfeld started on the Tonight show, and that was his first key appearence. Then some executives from NBC offered him a sit-com, and the rest is history...

    Jerry Seinfeld is a stand-up comedian, most known for his series, Seinfeld, which he pitched with Larry David. Jerry plays himself on the show, the charactor of George is based on Larry David, and the charactor of Cosmo Kramer is based on Larry David's old neighbour, Kenny Kramer. Jerry Seinfeld wrote a lot of his material to chorospond with the show, in some scenes. They are always hilarious. Jerry Seinfeld is my favourite comedian, even though I don't watch much stand-up comedy, I do like a lot of Jerry's material. If you are someone who loves to laugh, then try watching Jerry Seinfeld.
  • Nobody is ever going to forget Jerry Seinfeld. He's hilarious!

    Let me just start out by saying how much I love Jerry Seinfeld's comedy. He's outstanding! The Seinfeld sitcom is--in my opinion--the best 30-minute show EVER. It's by far the best comedy. I also have Seinfeld's DVD "I'm Telling You for the Last Time..." It always makes me giggle. He's my favorite comic, and I hope one day I'm able to see him perform live.
  • Heeeeeeers JERRY!

    Ive always liked his show Seinfeld, and i always loved Jerrys stand up acts. So it comes as no surprise that he would be here, in my collection of favorite stars.

    For years Jerry kept me entertained through rainy nights and gorgeous days with his show about literally 'nothing'. But a bunch of friends gettign together and doing what we all do, random crap that most the times, makes no sense. And thats just what makes this funny.
  • He's a funny guy with great jokes. You should hear his jokes.

    Jerry Seinfeld is a great stand up comedian in true life and on his show. He looks a bit like Ben Stiller. Jerry Seinfeld has a great show but if you seen almost every episode, you will get tired of it somehow. He has a lot of funny jokes he does on his show.