Jerry Stackhouse

Jerry Stackhouse


Kinston, North Carolina

Birth Name

Jerry Darnell Stackhouse



Also Known As

The Student
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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Jerry was named to the 1995-1996 NBA All-Rookie Team after establishing 76ers franchise rookie records with 1,384 points and 2,654 minutes played.

    • Jerry led all NBA guards in the 1996-1997 season with 63 blocked shots and led the 76ers in minutes played, 3,186.

    • Jerry posted a game-high 33 points and 4 assists, in his Pistons debut, against the Indiana Pacers on December 19, 1997.

    • Jerry totaled a 1997-1998 season-high 35 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists against the New York Knicks on January 24, 1998.

    • Jerry ranked 15th in the NBA in free-throw percentage, 85.0% in 1999.

    • Jerry scored 21 of his season and game-high 34 points in the 1st half, grabbed 5 rebounds and added 4 assists in a 90-85 win over the Milwaukee Bucks on March 26, 1999.

    • Jerry hit the game-winning three-pointer at the overtime buzzer, totaling a game-high 32 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists and 3 steals, in a 104-101 overtime victory against the Utah Jazz on March 21, 1999.

    • Jerry finished fifth in the Slam Dunk competition during the 2000 All-Star Weekend.

    • Jerry scored 11 points in the 2000 NBA All-Star Game.

    • Jerry hit six three-pointers, recording a career-high 40 points against the Denver Nuggets on March 8, 2000.

    • Jerry ranked 8th in the NBA in points per game, 23.6, and 14th in minutes per game, 38.4 in the 1999-2000 season.

    • Jerry was named to the 2001 All-Star game.

    • Jerry scored a NBA season-high 57 points against the Chicago Bulls on April 3, 2001.

    • Jerry ranked #1 in NBA in total points, 2,380, and second in points per game, 29.8 in the 2000-2001 season.

    • Jerry ranked 14th in NBA in scoring average, 21.4 points per game in the 2001-02 season.

    • Jerry has appeared in 13 NBA playoff games for Dallas in 2004-05 season, averaging 16.1 points per game.

    • Jerry often sings the National Anthem at Mavericks games.

    • Jerry was nicknamed 'The Student' because of his devotion to school.

    • Jerry currently plays as a guard-forward for the Dallas Mavericks.

  • Quotes

    • Jerry: Obviously, I've hit a quite a few shots in this league.

    • Jerry: I was able to get him off balance. I think he might of thought I was going to raise up and I was able to get a good pull-up. I knew I didn't have enough time probably to get all the way to the basket because I kind of squared him up but it came right in the nick of time.

    • Jerry: We're spoiled. We're at a point now where we expect to win them all. We're among the top teams in the Western Conference, if not the top team. We expect to win all the time.

    • Jerry: Nobody in this league is going to tell you that they don't want to start. I've bought into it, hoping there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. But do I feel I could be starting on this team? Hell, yeah.

    • Jerry: When you've got a system that works, it doesn't matter the pieces. But it's a lot better when you've got all the pieces working.

    • Jerry: We're just focused on achieving our goals, and that's to continue to get better for the playoffs.

    • Jerry: I felt good. It was in good rhythm. I think I still had a nice breathing to it. I never felt winded, didn't feel fatigued.

    • Jerry: The game ball goes to those guys. If they keep playing like that ... all I can do is keep shaking my head.

    • Jerry: Once we started missing, we started pressing. Just a bad night. Won't be the last one, either.

    • Jerry: Maybe teams do focus on us a little more. But we just didn't play well offensively. It was just a bad night.

    • Jerry: The only thing we need to be working on right now is getting stronger and improving our seeding for the playoffs.

    • Jerry: If I'd made a couple more shots, and Damp hadn't taken away all my rebounds, I'd have had a triple-double.

    • Jerry: I like playing with Damp. People make a lot about him being out of the starting lineup and coming off the bench, but I think he feels comfortable playing with me because he gets a few more shots maybe than he gets in the starting lineup. So it's been working out well. Hopefully we can continue to get better.

    • Jerry: This is starting to become who we are. We feel that we are going to win these games and have the wherewithal to sustain anything any team throws at us.

    • Jerry: In the second half, we didn't play well offensively and couldn't get into a good posture defensively either. They got their confidence and we started pressing a bit. They escalated and we went on a downslide.

    • Jerry: It was for JT if we could get him the ball because of the game he was having, or we would have liked Dirk to take the shot.

    • Jerry: There were some botched plays and missed dunks. ... You have to win like that sometimes.

    • Jerry: Devin's play was the play of the game. To be able to take a gamble like that just shows the confidence in his ability. Then to go down and convert the shot like he did to give us a 3-point play was huge for us.

    • Jerry: We don't have to depend on Dirk in every game. We have guys on this team who can do a lot of things.

    • Jerry: We've been doing it all season. It's become who we are. We feel we can win those kind of games.

    • Jerry: They're going to have to do something different in the future. I don't think they're going to be able to play Bruce Bowen on Dirk anymore and put Tim Duncan on Josh.

    • Jerry: It's a win, and you're happy with it and leave it at that. It makes the final couple of games of the season fun. They have something to play for, and we have something to play for. Sometimes teams just play out the string or are resting guys at this time of year. We're going to have something to chase.

    • Jerry: We can't be satisfied with just tying up the series with this win. We're going to probably see this team somewhere down the road in the playoffs.

    • Jerry: All of these games are important. We have to take each one individually and go out and give our best effort.

    • Jerry: You have to teach him the Bill Russell rule and tap it to yourself so we can get on the break.

    • Jerry: The kid was very enthusiastic and gave us a lot of energy. It was good to see some of these young kids play with all the injuries we've been having.

    • Jerry: We didn't want to let down after last night. We got them on their heels early and kept it up.

    • Jerry: Avery called a timeout and drew up some things for us to attack the zone. We did it a couple of times, got some good looks, and Dirk hit some big 3s.

    • Jerry: We got a lot of guys who can get it done. We're still a little shorthanded. But if we get those guys back against San Antonio, it'll be even better.

    • Jerry: I went for a rebound, felt a stiff-arm, and it was Horry. It was a basketball play, a heat-of-the-moment thing. I didn't see him try to bite me.

    • Jerry: Tonight was a big night for us. But so is (Saturday) night. If we stub our toe (against New Orleans), then this one means nothing.

    • Jerry: They did a good job on him early, but as the game went on we found ways to get him some shots. Josh Howard kept us afloat and then Dirk was huge in the second half and down the stretch.

    • Jerry: We would like to think that everything we're doing now is geared toward the playoffs. We know we're better than how we've been playing lately. It's been good to talk about the race with San Antonio, but we have to worry about getting back on track.

    • Jerry: They've really become important to me. I've had a couple groin injuries and they help me get comfortable. I wear thigh sleeves, too, and the tights also help keep them from sliding down my legs. They just hold everything together.

    • Jerry: We're much better than what we showed tonight, especially late in the game. We normally close games out a lot better than what we did.

    • Jerry: Yeah, you know what I'm saying: Keep it coming, keep it coming. It's all good.

    • Jerry: He's the best center in the NBA on one end now. The team has to focus on him more than any center in the NBA, even Shaq.

    • Jerry: He's tough and he had it going tonight. We just tried to make the other guys not beat us. As long as you can keep the other guys down, you should be all right.

    • Jerry: We don't worry about what San Antonio is doing. We know we're a playoff team and we'll see how things fall.

    • Jerry: It was some good defense and some good fortune. We'll take them both.

    • Jerry: We need to free our minds, get in hotels and build that camaraderie. It's still there, but I think that it goes up on the road. I'm looking forward to a nice dinner with the guys (Wednesday).

    • Jerry: It only takes five to play, but obviously we want to get everybody back healthy and ready for the stretch run and for the playoffs. We don't want to take our chances with guys coming in and out. We've just got to with what we have. We know we have enough to get it done.

    • Jerry: We've been here a long time. We seem to tighten things up on the road. We've been experiencing a little bit of a lull. But we played good basketball for a lot longer stretch than we've been playing not-so-good basketball.

    • Jerry: Our veteran guys have to step up. Our younger guys, we can't expect them to be there yet. As talented and as good as they are, we can't expect them to create their energy and their enthusiasm. Sometimes you've got to force it out of them and I think that's what Avery wants to see happen and that's what we've just got to do. Quite frankly, we haven't been doing as good a job as we need to be.

    • Jerry: Everyone responded. We knew it was just a bad first half.

    • Jerry: Whenever you're fighting for those top spots, it's always good to be able to beat those top teams. And after the break, we haven't done that. We beat these teams before the break, [but] everybody is better in the second half than they are the first half.

    • Jerry: That team plays hard. You're not going to find any team in the NBA that plays harder than them. It was a good test for us.

    • Jerry: Dirk wasn't himself in letting Bruce Bowen kind of get under his skin a little bit. He's better than that. We're better than that.

    • Jerry: We got a lot to be upset about. We weren't the team we were for the last 20-some games. We were stagnant, didn't move the ball, Dirk wasn't himself, letting Bruce Bowen get under his skin. He's better than that. We're better than that. So everybody is taking their fair share of responsibility for that game. We all did uncharacteristic things.

    • Jerry: A lot has happened in a day and a half, and we are still able to smile about it. I think that's the good thing about this game and this league. A lot of things happen and as long as you continue to smile and go out and do what we enjoy doing, everything's going to be all right. Sometimes you've got to blow the stack a little bit - no pun intended.

    • Jerry: We're playing the world champions and we're trying to get something they have. If anybody tries to downplay it, that's all you're doing – trying to downplay it – because this is a statement game.

    • Jerry: It says we need to play better early. Everybody's aware that we need to do some things not to put ourselves in that kind of position. But they [wins like this] have got to be beneficial to us somewhere down the line. We know we're a pretty good team. But there's a couple other pretty good teams out there, too.

    • Jerry: It's great to say we're the best team in the Western Conference at the All-Star break. What we'd really like to say is we're the best team in the Western Conference at the end of the season, and the best team in the league in June.

    • Jerry: It speaks to the depth of our team. Guys are going to have off nights. Dirk's going to deliver more often than not, but it's good that he doesn't feel pressure every night to score 25 or 30 points.

    • Jerry: I met some good people in Washington. Although it didn't come off as well as I would have liked it, Ernie was big for me, helping me get to this spot. We had conversations, and he knew what my aspirations were. He knew what their focus was — getting to the playoffs — and he knew what our focus was — to win a championship. He knew what I wanted, and he helped facilitate it, so that was good.

    • Jerry: They got off to a pretty good start, and we were pretty much sleepwalking through the first half. Really the key was our rebounding and getting them to work on the offensive end. We started to get some second-chance opportunities, and we held them to one shot.

    • Jerry: We were really focused tonight. Even after the game, we were all businesslike. We did what we set out to do, and now we're just trying to move forward.

    • Jerry: We just focused on coming out in the second half and not letting up. We wanted to try extend our lead as opposed to just exchanging baskets.

    • Jerry: Defense is great, but if you don't put some points on the board, you're not going to win games.

    • Jerry: This would really cap off the trip to come back home and win. It's almost like a six-game trip.

    • Jerry: It's all positive. It's getting there. I don't look at it as if I've arrived and it's all behind me. I'm still cognizant of it.

    • Jerry: He's played great and he's been steady for us all season and this past month, he's just been on a tear.

    • Jerry: I was able to make sure we got the last shot and I rose up and hit it. I had a couple before that I thought were going down, but I'm glad I got the one that counted.

    • Jerry: I was able to make sure we got the last shot and I rose up and hit it. I had a couple before that I thought were going down, but I'm glad I got the one that counted.

    • Jerry: We were just not in the game. We were totally knocked on our heels in the first half.

    • Jerry: We were just not in the game. We were totally knocked on our heels in the first half.

    • Jerry: We were totally knocked on our heels.

    • Jerry: It's a game within the game. We don't want to be close and all of the sudden, play as well as we did last year and end up with the No. 4 seed. So why not try to shoot for the best and have the advantage throughout the playoffs if you can?

    • Jerry: I'm just thankful the time has come for me to be out there.

    • Jerry: I'm really proud of the guys for taking time out to play in this game because it's for a really good cause. I'm just really happy how it went and hope the game continues to grow each year.

    • Jerry: He's going to bruise some egos and brush some people the wrong way. He has everywhere he's been.

    • Jerry: I love him; he's a Carolina guy. And I know he's about the right thing. But he screams just a little bit too much for me. The ones that are able to deal with the screaming, up and down the court, will do fine. The ones that won't will probably be like me - somewhere else.

    • Jerry: You're going to find out right away that he's going to do it his way, and if not, then maybe another team is better suited for you.

    • Jerry: None, quite frankly. Maybe a couple games just to get some rhythm. But it's not important. I didn't play in the preseason last year either, and I was there on opening night.

    • Jerry: Any time they go inside that knee, that's what you're looking at – four months. But I don't think it's realistic that he'll be back to his true form until next season.

    • Jerry: I'm just happy that I can be a face that can help that happen. All these guys are faces that make that happen, not just me because I thought of the idea along with Angela [Lee] and Rick [Fox] and King [Rice]. When I see the turnout and see the love that people have for Carolina, hopefully everybody gets while we are really here.

    • Jerry: Now we're the ones waiting.

    • Jerry: We know we're capable of playing good defense and actually winning games with our defense. I think Game 1 was indicative of that and (in) Game 2, we were able to get in a good flow offensively, as well as put good defense on them in the second half.

    • Jerry: We have yet to play our best basketball. That's a good sign to be up 2-0 and not have hit on all cylinders yet.

    • Jerry: Last year, we had a letdown. We didn't want to work as hard as we did this season, then give it away. Now hopefully we can do what we did on the road last year.

    • Jerry: Our identity as an offensive team is set. As a defensive team, we're still a question mark to the masses. But we know we're capable of winning that way.

    • Jerry: Avery is the heartbeat of our team. He knows what we need. He pushes the right buttons.

    • Jerry: We don't have to deal with staying on the West Coast for an extra day or traveling overnight to get home. That's big for us, I think.

    • Jerry: Have I come out of the game making a defensive mistake? Yeah. He doesn't really discriminate. Everybody is held accountable ... He seldom pulls a guy for an offensive mistake, taking a bad shot, anything like that. The leash is shorter on the defensive end.

    • Jerry: Have I come out of the game making a defensive mistake? Yeah. He doesn't really discriminate. Everybody is held accountable ... He seldom pulls a guy for an offensive mistake, taking a bad shot, anything like that. The leash is shorter on the defensive end.

    • Jerry: We have to focus on setting our rotation on how we're going to play in the playoffs. Hopefully it will be a good indication of what our rotation will be once playoff basketball starts. We trust (Johnson).

    • Jerry: Anything can happen in this league. San Antonio could possibly lose three games.

    • Jerry: I like starting the game, getting into a flow early. It's like sitting on pins and needles waiting to get into the game off the bench. I've done it for a year and half. It was cool, but I feel more in my element.

    • Jerry: You will get a lot of each other. That will happen in the next three or four weeks. We want to put a little doubt in their minds.

    • Jerry: We might have lost three games but look who we lost to. It was a different stage for us, and we got knocked back on our heels.

    • Jerry: We're still a great team in a great position. We still have a lot that we want to prove once the playoffs get here, no matter what seed we are or who we're playing. But I'm kind of glad the Golden State Warriors aren't one of the eight (playoff teams). We've had a tough time against them this year.

    • Jerry: I think (this weekend) went great.

    • Jerry: Since he signed a letter of intent, why not? He can't help that he's so good he just had to skip over and go to the NBA. He was on the right track.