Jerry Tilley

Jerry Tilley


9/9/1946, Aberdeen, Washington, USA

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Jerry Tilley is a thrid-generation fisherman, that has been fishing on the Berring Sea for almost 22 years, whom was born in the town of Aberdeen, Washington, but grew up in the town of Westport. He start fishing when he was 12, when he got his start in…more


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    • Jerry:(on the cameras crews)They were just there, like wallpaper.

    • Jerry:(on his youngest son, Jerry Jr.)There's nothing he can't do. It's just in his blood. He's just a wonderful kid.

    • Jerry:(On his son, Matthew)He's extremely intelligent. You show him something once and he's got it. Other kids, you show them 20 times and they still don't get it.

    • Jerry:(On his daughter, Nicole)She is just a natural.She loves the ocean and loves being on the boat. She's as tough as nails. She baits, runs the cranes, does everything.

    • Jerry:(On the show)I think it's really great as far as letting the masses know what it takes to get crab to them. Maybe they'll be a little more appreciative. We go through hell trying to catch that crab.

    • Jerry:(right before his boat his hit by the rouge wave)We thought we didn't have any current problems, but evidently I was wrong.

    • Jerry (On the processers and the new quota system): They wanted the [king] crab before Thanksgiving, and the whole time I was struggling to catch the crab. We didn't fish like the derbies, but pretty close to it.

    • Jerry(On the rouge wave that knock his boat on her side):If we had gear on deck, I doubt I would be talking to you right now. She would have gone down.