Jerry Trainor

Jerry Trainor


1/21/1977, San Diego, California

Birth Name

Gerald William Trainor



Also Known As

Jerry Trainer, Jerry Trajnor
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Born in San Diego, California, Trainor was in the University of San Diego High School's drama program. He first appeared in MTV's series Undressed. He was known to play Crazy Steve on Drake and Josh. He also plays recurring characters in Law & Order, Angel, and Malcolm inmore


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    • Jerry: I would never say coming to LA and trying to be an actor is easy. It's certainly not. But my philosophy has always been that the adventure is what makes it great. It's a challenge, but it's a good challenge.

    • Jerry: (about playing Spencer on iCarly) I threw myself into this role. Once the writers saw I would embrace whatever they threw at me, it was almost like a challenge to them to see what they could do to break me.

    • Jerry: My parents are just super cool. They were like, "Whatever you want to do, whatever you're good at, do it to the best of your ability and we're going to support you."

    • Jerry: I've always been a physical comedian. I've always been the gangly goofball who is awkwardly taller than everybody and will do anything to get a laugh.

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    Jerry is well-known for playing crazy characters on TV, particularly Nick. Such as Crazy Steve in Drake and Josh, and Carly's artist brother Spencer in iCarly. All I think is he absolutely rocks in both these roles. He is a very funny actor and he is also good at acting in more sad episodes of both shows. I think he could be a good actor or comedian in the future and I hope he continues to be on TV. My score is only 9 because whilst he is funny, I do think he could be funnier some of the timemoreless
  • Jerry Trainor is so funny! He rocks!

    I think Jerry Trainor is very cool, and does good at proving good comedy and other things. I first saw him as Crazy Steve on Drake and Josh, then he is now Spencer on iCarly, which is so cool! I think Jerry Trainor is a very good actor too! He has obtained very interesting and superb roles in tv shows! He is very successful, and I hope to see him be funny and cool in iCarly and possibly some other shows for more time to come! In iCarly, he plays as the older brother of Carly Shay, which is a nice role with being her parental guardian! Well that's all I got so far about Jerry Trainor, I think he's very cool and super funny! Congratulations man for providing good entertainment on tv shows and being on the web site: iCarly! Yeah go Jerry Trainor!moreless