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  • hilarious

    Jerry is well-known for playing crazy characters on TV, particularly Nick. Such as Crazy Steve in Drake and Josh, and Carly's artist brother Spencer in iCarly. All I think is he absolutely rocks in both these roles. He is a very funny actor and he is also good at acting in more sad episodes of both shows. I think he could be a good actor or comedian in the future and I hope he continues to be on TV. My score is only 9 because whilst he is funny, I do think he could be funnier some of the time
  • Jerry Trainor is so funny! He rocks!

    I think Jerry Trainor is very cool, and does good at proving good comedy and other things. I first saw him as Crazy Steve on Drake and Josh, then he is now Spencer on iCarly, which is so cool! I think Jerry Trainor is a very good actor too! He has obtained very interesting and superb roles in tv shows! He is very successful, and I hope to see him be funny and cool in iCarly and possibly some other shows for more time to come! In iCarly, he plays as the older brother of Carly Shay, which is a nice role with being her parental guardian! Well that's all I got so far about Jerry Trainor, I think he's very cool and super funny! Congratulations man for providing good entertainment on tv shows and being on the web site: iCarly! Yeah go Jerry Trainor!
  • hearing him act on TV makes me cringe now...

    what happen to him? he was better off as crazy steve on drake and josh. his longer hair now makes him look unattractive. icarly turned him into an immature adult. that show messed him up. now all i see of Jerry Trainor is doing very silly behavior on icarly, and lame jokes that have no meaning whatsoever. he wasn't meant to be "the cool, calm, fun, responsible guardian". he was meant have a shaved head and be "CRAAAAAAZZZYYYY". to bad drake and josh is over. but he could always get a role on some other TV show that has the role exactly like crazy steve. sorry Jerry Trainor, but icarly messed you up and you're losing your touch.
  • Always the star

    No matter what role he plays he will STEAL the show. I can never get enough of him! On iCarly he is the funniest charactor. On Drake and Josh I couldn't get enough of Crazy Steve. He will be the next big comedian. I always new he would get a bigger role in the next show he plays in when he was in Drake and Josh as Crazy Steve. He was BORN for comedy!!! I know he will be BIG in whatever he does and wherever he goes. On Nick or whatever network he is on Jerry Trainor will be the best!!!
  • So funny...

    I love Jerry Trainor. He is just so, so, so hilarious and such a talented actor. I see big things ahead of him. He could go onto movies, BIG movies. He's so professional at acting, he's perfect at it. The reason that I am not giving him a score of ten is because sometimes, really, just sometimes, I think he overdoes it a little and is just a little bit too loud. Sometimes, I don't know if it's him, or the writers that are doing an excellent job. Jerry Trainor will go far in his acting career for sure.

    Final Score- 8.7- Nearly Perfect
  • very talented!

    he is an amazing actor and comedian. I just loved him so much in Crazy steve now Spencer. He can seriously make people laugh with his moods. I think Dan should give him a show. I mean he has been in 2 shows and he deserves to get a role in another one of Dan's masterpiece. He is truly amazing. I cant believe he was actually Drake's assistant. Anyway, back on topic, hmmm still have a lot of words to go. Darn! ok, he is amazing, wonderful, very 'wow', fun comedian and actor. He must be totally cool. Thise people who acts with him must be so lucky
  • One of my favourite actors!!!!!

    Jerry Trainor is hilarious and in dire need of his own show!! I first watched him as Crazy Steve on the Nick show "Drake and Josh," and was greatly put off by him because I found him irritating.But then I started watching "iCarly" and fell in love with him. His character, Spencer Shay, is much more tame then Steve on D&J, so I found it easier to fall in love with. Spencer is still wild and crazy, a touch stupid, yet he has a big heart and is always there for Carly and her friends. I hope that his career is bolstered by this show, and that he can go on to do bigger and better things!
  • Hes so hilarious! If he had his own show, that'd be insanely awesome.

    Jerry Trainor owns! He is such a funny actor to watch. I first saw him on Drake and Josh as Crazy Steve, this insane guy who works at the movie theater with Josh. He was awesome at playing the crazy guy. I loved that character. Now he plays my favorite character on my favorite show, iCarly. He is Spencer Shay, Carly Shay's artistic 26 year old brother. Spencer is a little crazy, but not nearly as much as Crazy Steve. No one can be as crazy as the Crazy Steve, lol. Jerry is very good at playing crazy people. This guy rocks! I hope he has an even bigger career after iCarly is over.
  • most notable for his role on drake and josh as crazy steve and now on icarly as spencer

    i think hes a great actor but he didnt get a nine or higher b/c his role on icarly as spencer is way too serious..i mean hes kinda still eccentric w/ his weird socks (well they are kind of cool too) and crazy art that makes him still kinda funny..but i still love him best for his role as crazy steve..i think that took him to a new level of acting honestly and made him the great actor he now is by challenging him whereas his role as spencer isnt really that challenging..i just like him better as crazy steve b/c hes unpredictable
  • Jerry Trainor is so ridiculously funny and talented.

    Jerry Trainor is so ridiculously funny and talented. His physical and comedic improv is masterful. I've never seen anyone who can just nail something by just using one eye or a tye from "Tyelr". I want to see more of Spencer. Miranda Cosgrove is great but when Jerry walks, lurks, limps, or crashes into the room everyone in my house stops, watches, and cracks up. Not to mention the fact that he is absurdly attractive. Crazy Steve, Spencer, whoever he is the TV world is a heck of lot better with him and his quirky presence in it! I love him!
  • This guy is hilarious!

    First he starred in Drake and Josh, as the screaming "Crazy Steve". This was very funny, but "Crazy Steve" was onl in about five or six episodes. Then he became a regular on the show, "iCarly", where he is a hilarious actor there, too. He plays Carly's older brother and "parent". He is an artist in that show. This guy is very talented, and very very funny, and also serious such as in the iCarly episode iWanna Stay With Spencer. Good actor, starring on two great shows i really like to watch. Jerry Trainor- a very very very very funny actor.
  • Hey look its Crazy Steve!!!!! He's awsome playing Crazy Steve!

    Jerry Trainor,he's one awsome actor.When I watch Drake and Josh.I didn't know that Jerry Trainor played Crazy Steve on Drake and Josh.Because Crazy Steve is so funny on the show.Every time he goes crazy it makes me laughed.Jerry really did know how to play his character.Its an surprise that now he plays Spencer on ICarly.Who is sorta liked Crazy Steve,well not really.I do not know if they will do more Drake and Josh episode.I think that they should show Crazy Steve bit more.Or maybe Jerry should have his own show wih his character Crazy Steve.In the really really big shrimp movie drake and josh one the part where he said he wont go crazy but he did.

    He's an funny actor and very good actor playing Crazy Steve.
  • Hilarious

    This guy is hilarious. He really has something that just makes him one of the funniest people on tv. From Drake and Josh where he was Crazy Steve to iCarly where he is Spencer. On Drake and Josh when he has to only get mad a few times a day at alloted times and he goes crazy on Josh for eating his corn dog it was a riot. I am eagerly anticipating more episodes of iCarly or more episodes with Crazy Steve on Drake and Josh. Either way he needs to get more face time so more people can see just how funny he is.
  • He's so funny!!!

    Jerry Trainor was born in 1977 (wow I can't believe that!) and he is soo funny!!! He makes me laugh so much. His first big role was in Drake and Josh. He was a recurring star and he was in like 10 episodes. He played Crazy Steve. He was one of my favorite characters! He was so hilarious! He is also a star in the new Nickelodeon series, iCarly. He plays Spencer Shay, Carly's older brother. His character is 26. I think he is great in that show too. Someone like him should be in bigger and more roles on TV/movies.
  • Who doesn't like Crazy Steve!?!

    If you don't know who Crazy Steve is, then I'm ashamed of you. Crazy Steve is the famous crazy person on the teen series, Drake and Josh. He is so hilarious. Sure, I know his name is not Crazy Steve. His real name is Jerry Trainor, I know. But sometimes, when you watch a program that one person is in, and you watch it a lot, sometimes you can't get out of your head the character's name instead of the real life name. I do that all the time, but in this case, I really meant to say Crazy Steve. Anyways, he is ssooooo funny. He now stars in the new hit series, iCarly, as Carly's crazy brother. This guy rocks!!
  • Jerry Trainor is that classic person who makes you laugh, even if he's not trying to.

    Jerry Trainor is that kind of irreplaceable actor, who you think should be in every movie and every T.V. show. Even though he hasn't done many acting roles, he's done a good job in the select few roles that he has done. Definitely, my favorite character that he has done would be Crazy Steve, in the show Drake and Josh. When he is on Drake and Josh I always tune in, and watch him. He is also going to be in the upcoming series ICarly. He will appear in ICarly with Miranda Cosgrove, one of the stars of Drake and Josh.
  • Okay He is awesome and most defiantly one of the greats just as Crazy Steve on Drake and Josh.

    I LOVE Crazy Steve and after seeing the iCarly Sneak Peek I just can't wait till it airs. I do believe that I am in Love. this man should go down in history for sure! I truly can't wait! He still has his funny ways about him minus the horrible temper that we all know him to have on Drake and Josh. I think That Sooner than Later everyone will know him and love him the way I do and hopefully that will happen as soon as iCarly Premiers. Which I also can't wait for. I Just Love Crazy Steve! I mean how could you not!
  • An up-and-coming actor he needs more roles!

    Ah, Jerry Trainor! He's a talented guy who can portray crazy or quirky people quite well.

    His best role has to be that of Crazy Steve on Drake and Josh. The way he gets angry at people is just so laughable! The producers made a great character and they then chose a great actor to do it. I laugh every time Crazy Steve comes onto the screen, and it's all thanks to Mr. Trainor!

    I can't wait to see him on iCarly in the fall. While he may not be crazy in that show, I think he'll still get some laughs out of the audience. So here's to Jeyy Trainor, one of the greatest actors ever!