Jerry Tuite

Jerry Tuite


12/27/1966, Ocean Grove, New Jersey



Birth Name

Jerry Tuite



Also Known As

Gigantes, Malice, Hell Raiser, Big John, Snuff, The Wall, Sgt. A-Wall or Sgt. A-WOL
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Bio From (link at end of bio) Tuite wrestled his last match on Friday 12/5 at All Japan's PPV from Budokan Hall in Tokyo, working a six man tag, teaming with (Bull) Buchanan and Justin Credible to defeat Nobutaka Araya, Tomoaki Honma and Kazushi Miyamoto. A native…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Jerry had been involved in feuds with Berlyn (Alex Wright), Don Harris, Jeff Jarrett, Ken Shamrock (Kenneth Wayne Kilpatrick) & Vic Grimes.

    • In February 2003 he went to Japan to compete in the AJPW (All Japan Pro Wrestling) as Gigantes with his final match on 5 December. On 6 December he passed away in Japan as a result of an apparent acute heart attack at the age of 36.

    • On 5 April 2002 he began wrestling on the independent circuit as Malice appearing in AAW, PCW, USPW, XPW and National Wrestling Superstars. On 19 June he also began to appear semi-regularly in TNA.

    • When WCW was bought out and closed down he was next signed to a developmental deal with the WWF. Because he was addicted to drugs the WWF released him, told him if he cleaned up his act they would gladly take him back.

    • In late 2000 he joined the "Misfits in Action" & used the name of Sgt. AWOL, other members included Corporal Cajun (Lash LaRoux), G.I. Bro, General Rection, Lieutenant Loco, Major Gunns (Tylene Buck) & Major Stash (Van Hammer).

    • Members of "New Blood" included Billy Kidman, Chris Candido, Chuck Palumbo, David Flair, Ernest 'The Cat' Miller, Mark Jindrak, Mike Sanders, Sean O'Haire, 'The Franchise' Shane Douglas, Shawn Stasiak with Eric Bischoff & Vince Russo.

    • He was signed to a contract and appeared in WCW as "The Wall" and the bodyguard for Berlyn (Alex Wright). He left Berlyn and joined the group called "New Blood" which had a huge turnover of wrestlers during its' time as a group.

    • 'Iron' Mike Sharpe trained Jerry for the squared circle at his wrestling school in New Jersey and in 1999 he went to the "WCW Power Plant" for additional training where he was spotted by WCW booker Kevin Nash.

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