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    • Jerry: My master plan was to stay about a decade or so and get college paid for for my two boys, then go back to the theater. Then, I got cancer. Then, I got a recurrence of cancer. My sons were young. I hate to use the word trapped, but I didn't wish to gamble if I were to leave and run out of insurance. So I just stayed.

    • Jerry: (on being a supporting actor on "Guiding Light") I was essentially Uncle Ross, helping other people's storylines, which I find to be gratifying. I like the supporting roles. I find it very challenging. The worst thing that could happen would be if I were on every day.

    • Jerry: I do crossword puzzles. I didn't get into Sudoku. I'm bad with numbers, but good with words.

    • Jerry: (on doing love scenes) Concentration goes out the window when you're doing something you normally do in private in front of 100 other people.

    • Jerry: (on "Guiding Light") It's a very realistic, tender kind of show with great depth to it. And it's always been blessed with a house full of good actors. It's a show that has a real identity to it. It centers in and around family. And the originators of the show realized how explosive and powerful dealing with family and small towns can be.