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  • bandicoot killer

    I am writing my review and I see it as okay as no one agreed or disagreed with it before. I hate this guy for what he did to Crash. What did he do to him you ask? Read this.

    Jess Harnell robbed Crash Bandicoot of ALL his emotion. In both the Japanese version of the anime and the games, Crash was full of emotion and ready for action. In the English games, Will Smith gave Crash Bandicoot the most energetic and ready for action performance which is part of Crash's personallity. While Jess gives a simular voice, he in NO WAY gives the same personallity to Crash, he robbed him of Crash bandicoot's character. He always makes Crash sound bored and his acting is VERY VERY bad. Sonic doesn't deserve this.

    He does a little better with Captain hero but that's about it, still too monotone.

    In Disney's house of Mouse, he made Bere Rabbit sound horrible and did horrid acting for him and Crash as well.

    And in Chalkzone, he killed Joe tabootie. Joe sounds SO bad that is should be a crime. In fact, the voice is near racist.

    I will say anyone who thinks this guy is BETTER then anyone who has voiced a character before him may need so help. I'm sorry but to me, he is THAT bad and I am a huge Crash fan too. If he gave Crash the same emotion as WS, I may say different, but has he gives him no emotion, I stand by what I have just said.

    I will say ONE good thing about Griffith, he at the very least did a decent job as Miyamato Usagi in Ninja Turtles, gave him a good accent, and did MUCH better calm acting as him then he did as ANYONE else. the shouting sometimes was kinda bad but he has done better with it as well.

    But that's it, this "actor" should just STICK to Ninja Turtles and leave every other character alone. Sonic, Shadow, Ussop, Jet, and other have suffered under his acting and provided voices. Take him away

    Though personally, I have to say something and be fully honest. I don't hate him as Sonic alone, I hate him in general. Griffith is a TERRIBLE man and praising him if you know this is stupid. I emailed him once and I was the polite one, he was dishonest and not very polite. I would edit all the info here to represent that, unfortunetly, I'm not allowed to so I can't. But if you like him, even after knowing this, then you are not much better then him.
  • The Disney & Nick Detroyer

    The one whose destroying Crash Bandicoot (one of My favorite Game series), Bere Rabbit & Joe Tabootie. He is a job stealer like the rest of the employees at Nicktoons Network or NickCrap network. Bill Farmer should play Joe Tabootie & Bere Rabbit and Dan Green should play Crash. He shows no enthusiasm for Crah or the other 2. Jess should not be allowed to play Crash, Joe, Bere Rabbit or any Disney related character along with his gay partner Jeff Bennett who is the infamous VA Yami Yugi and plays Mr. Toad & Bruno Bullnerd. Jess Harnellis destroying the Crash Bandicoot franchise with his talentless voice I do not know why Nick or Disney chose him over Brain Drummod [Cortex's Voice] He should be fired.
  • Jess Harnell is one of the greatest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jess Harnell is one of the greatest. He did my favorite charater on Animaniacs and his name is Wakko Warner. Jess Harnell also did the voice of Captain Hero on Drawn Together. He is amazing with his voice. He is good as Rob paulsen and tress macneille. I wish I had his voice because it is so amazing. I dont know how does he does Wakko`s voice and Captain Hero`s voice so deep,its almost impossible. He also has a good hair style too, well kind of. Like I say Jess Harnell is one of the best people that is living on this planet.
  • He can sing, he can act, not to mention voice act, what\'s not to love about him? Jess Harnell is simply a great voice actor.

    Jess Harnell, potraying a small kid version of Ringo Starr? ... No problem! He is very well known for being Wakko on Animaniacs for giving the character the liverpool (sp?) accent. But I have always known him for not only talking through the character but singing SO WELL through that character. I\'ve always loved Yakko when it came to singing but Wakko bumped his sibling out of that place in the Disney Knock-off; \"Cutie And The Beast\". Though he didn\'t get many lines in the songs he always made up for it in his voice! Truely talented. ^.^
  • This is one of the most gifted voice actors in the game. Versitile and loveable, who can ask for more?

    Two words...Wakko Warner, need I say more? Wakko is one of the all time best cartoon characters ever. That voice never failed to make me laugh, the perfect blend of bewildered, befuddled idiot and sly craft, I loved it! I honestly wish the show was still around largely to listen to Wakko's take on the world ^u^