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  • i love jess... (when he is around)

    i hardly see him, but when he is there i cant help but yell (JESS) he is cool and plays drums for a cool band :) im more of a hip hop guy but hes real coo... he shoudld have a show err somethin and show the life on the road with cky and on some episodes he would visit bam bam and they would hang out.
  • kind person and a very talented drummer

    Jess Margera is a very kind hearted person and an awesome drummer. He is a very sweet person. Although many people know him from his few short appearances on Viva La Bam, he is an awesome drummer in CKY (Camp Kill Yourself). Many people know him as Bam Margera's older brother, but Jess is more charming than Bam and more talented so...yeah, check out CKY.