Jesse Bradford





5/28/1979 , Norwalk, Connecticut, USA

Birth Name

Jesse Bradford Watrouse




Jesse Bradford, also known as Jesse Bradford Watrouse, was born May 28, 1979, in Norwalk, Connecticut. Both of Bradford's parents were actors, and he made his first TV debut in a commercial for Q-Tip, when he was eight months old. He began modeling as a toddler, and has worked steadily since he was four years old. He attended Brien MacMahon High School in Norwalk and later attended Columbia University. In 2002, he graduated from Columbia with a degree in film. Bradford made his film debut in the 1984 film Falling in Love as the son of Robert De Niro's character. As a child actor, Bradford appeared in several films including King of the Hill, Presumed Innocent and Far From Home - The Adventures of the Yellow Dog. As an adult actor, Bradford has appeared in Romeo + Juliet, Hackers and Bring It On. In the film, Hackers, Bradford's actress mother, Terry Porter, played the role of his character's mother. Throughout his career, Bradford has received several Young Artist Award nominations.