Jesse Brinkley

Jesse Brinkley


11/14/1976, Yerington, Nevada

Birth Name

Jesse Lee Brinkley


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Trivia and Quotes

  • Jesse Brinkley, the 4th place contestant, was known for power over speed, but he lacked any sort of confidence.

    Though he may have won the female audiences' hearts on the show, he could have been perceived as arrogant or annoying. He also could be labeled a hypocrite, as he dissed Ishe for not "manning-up" and picking to fight Ahmed, and then turned around and did the same thing as Ishe in Round 2, when he put Smith against Sergio instead of picking Ishe himself.

    Jesse picked to fight Jonathan in Episode 2 and beat him by a unanimous decision. We learned by watching the special scenes on that Brinkley gave Reid some of his winning purse, which made me respect him a little more.

    Jesse started becoming good friends with Joey Gilbert, who didn't have much fighting experience so he kind of looked at Jesse as a mentor or brother. Jesse felt backstabbed later on when Joey wanted to fight Anthony, who was originally supposed to fight Jesse. But we could conclude from this that Brinkley wanted the easy way out, since Bonsante had a sore hamstring. Brinkley won the fight when he threw a crushing uppercut, knocking out the "#1 Daddy".

    In Round 3 Jesse no longer had buddy Joey, since Gilbert was eliminated by Peter Manfredo in Round 2. He had to fight a much more dangerous opponent because of speed factors, Sergio "The Latin Snake" Mora. Mora beat Jesse, eliminating him from the million dollars.

    Jesse wasn't done yet however, as he competed against Alfonso Gomez for the Bronze. However, the underdog Gomez came out victorious in the end, leaving Brinkley at 4th.

    Jesse Brinkley, the 4th place contestant, was known for power over speed, but he lacked any sort of confidence. He was the "personality" of the show, and for this he was highly liked, but the fact he was a hypocrite just left me sore toward him. I don't think he should have gotten mad at Joey, as he accused Joey of wanting the easy way out, while he(Brinkley) wanted the exact same thing. Overall, he was funny and probably still is, but he wasn't one of my favorites in the show.

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