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  • has she ever heard of acting classes?

    her acting in the naked brothers band is less than what a monkey could do for the role. her dialogue is very scripted and the way she talks sounds very fake. her wardrobe is also somewhat um, interesting to say the least and i think that she was a idea to bring pizazz to the show, but her character hasnt been in the last few episodes. i wonder why... oh yeah, her acting sucks and she should go back and finish college and maybe look into somehting that doesnt require a personality, like a telephone operator. overall, as you can probably see, im not a fna at all and i think that if you can avoid her work, then you should.
  • She is this hot and gets a 6.4!?! Ridiculous.

    Um, I have a question. Hoe does someone this hot get as low a rating as 6.4??? Its probably not that low now because I gave her a 9.0, but still, a 6.4!?! Come on, she deserves more than that, people! Well anyway, this is the only show I've seen her acting on, as Jesse on The Naked Brothers Band, so, I don't know that much about her. All I know, is that on the show, she kinda acts dumb, but I don't care, because she is so hot! What? Are the girls the one who gave her such a low rating. Or is that the guys out there voting don't see how pretty she is???