Jesse Head

Jesse Head


9/1/1983, Seguin,Texas

Birth Name

Jesse John Head



Also Known As

Jess Head, Jesse John Head
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He first caught our eyes by playing Gray Joplin, in Katie Joplin which lasted about 5 episodes on the WB. He then was later casted in Mary-Kate and Ashley's So Little Time, where he caught our eyes again for the second time.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Jesse John Head is my favorite actor.

    He is so talented and Hot and nice and everything else. I talk to him some and he has helped me out with a lot of my problems. He is just like everyone else except he acts. Please do not judge him you have to get to know him and his abilities he has.
  • He was just recently in a episode of Grey's Anatomy.

    He was just recently in a episode of Grey's Anatomy. I heard his voice and recognized it but i couldn't figure out from what. Then I saw his face and could tell that he used to have short blonde hair, not the long black hair he had in the episode. As I was coming online to check what he was in, it hit me, So Little Time. I was so excited because i always enjoyed watching him in that show playing the guy obessed with Riley. I was so excited and glad to know that he is still continuing acting and i wish him the best of luck.moreless