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  • He's really hot

    Jesse Hutch has great hair, a great smile, broad shoulders, slender arms, a nice voice, great muscles, bulging biceps, cute face, attractive legs, long fingers, huge palms, and has an overall sexy body. I only saw him in Smallville though. In Redux, he kissed some girl, then he looked all disoriented and weird, and a few seconds later he started groaining in agony and he started drowning in a pool cause his body started to age and he became a disgusting old geezer. Also in Spirit, he was so hot, but then got electrocuted by this dead girl. It would have been funny if she took over his body and started controlling him like she did to Clark, cause then he would've started acting all gay and stuff (it was hilarious to see Tom acting and talking like a girl at the end.) But yeah, Jesse (gorgeous name) is so HOT I hope to see him in more episodes of Smallville, hopefully more where he takes his shirt off again (but I hope he doesn't have to act all weird, like get possessed or hypnotized or anything that could transform him in way, cause I like his body the way it is...SEXY)!