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Jesse L. Martin


Jesse L. Martin Fan Reviews (9)

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  • I can understanad why you lasted so long on Law and Order, Jesse, because you are surely one of the best in your role as a detective as I have ever seen. I hope you continue to find roles that are worthy of your talent; I believe you are multi-talented!

    Jesse Martin played a great role in Law and Order, a show that was cancelled prematurely and that didn't even have the decency to show the proper appreciation for an ouatstanding cast - after 20 years of performances by great actors/actresses. I really miss the show. Other than Law and Order/Special Victims, I have not seen any other law and order show that can compare with this original version. I felt that it followed true law and order procedures, both on the "law" side and on the "order" side, so was very realistic. I always hated it when they lost!