Jesse McCartney

Jesse McCartney


4/9/1987, Westchester, New York

Birth Name

Jesse Arthur McCartney



Also Known As

JMac, Jesse McCartney, Jesse Arthur McCartney, JMac
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Jesse McCartney -- singer and actor. He was born on April 9, 1987 in Westchester, New York.

Jesse McCartney has always had singing and acting in his blood, so it was a natural turn of events that Jesse McCartney would by age 17 become one of the…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Jesse is ranked #81 in AIM's "100 Celebs Under 25".

    • Acting Career/Theater:
      -Jesse auditioned for Haley Joel Osment's role in The Sixth Sense and even got a callback! Unfortunately, he didn't get the role. He doesn't hold grudges though; he still lists the movie as one of his all-time favorites!
      -Jesse plays a young Peyton Manning for an NFL commercial. He is also in a Sunny Delight and an anti-smoking commercial.
      -In 2001, Jesse was released from his three-year gig as "J.R. Chandler" on the popular ABC daytime soap opera, All My Children. Five years later, in 2006, Jesse returned to All My Children as a guest star playing himself and shared scenes with Jacob Young, the actor who subsequently took over Jesse's role of "J.R.
      -In August 2006, Jesse appeared in an ABC Family Special: Schooled. The special was a prank that involved tricking a group of almost 9th graders into thinking that they had to take a series of scrutinous exams to enter into high school. At the event Jesse revealed that he was never a very good test-taker & that he used to have tons of test-anxiety.
      -Jesse plays the voice of Roxas in the video game "Kingdom Hearts II".
      -Jesse has starred in several plays with his family, in Ardsley, New York: The King and I, A Christmas Carole, and Oliver!

    • Family/Relationships:
      -Jesse has two siblings, both younger: brother Timmy, and sister Lea. His parents' names are Ginger and Scot.
      -Both of Jesse's parents are performers. At one time, they had their own doo-wop group. Both of his grandparents sometimes go on tour with him. His sister, Lea, is also a preformer, but doesn't want to make a career out of it. His brother, Timmy doesn't follow the family plan.
      -Jesse's Walmart ad, "Home For the Holidays," was filmed at his actual home, and features several members of his family, including his mom, Ginger, sister Lea, and brother Timmy.
      -Jesse has a calico cat named Oliver.
      -Jesse's former girlfriend Katie Cassidy, the daughter of David Cassidy played a love interest in his music video "She's No You".

    • School:
      -Despite his career, Jesse has attended a local public school his whole life. He recently returned to hometown, Ardsley N.Y. to graduate from high school, on June 28, 2005.
      -Jesse's high school mascot were Panthers
      -Jesse's baseball positions were pitcher and shortstop.

    • -Jesse shoe size is a 9.
      -Jesse is 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 metres) tall. -Jesse is a natural brunette
      -Jesse finally admitted his middle name is Arthur in J-14 magazine.
      -He changed his blonde hair to the color brown for the movie Keith which was released in 2007.
      -Jesse has two middle names, Abraham and Arthur.

    • Favorites:

      - Album: Jame's Taylor's Greatest Hits CD
      - Place: Italy
      - Artists: James Taylor, Gavin DeGraw, Justin Timberlake, Usher, Maroon 5, James Taylor, Ray Charles and Akon
      - Candy: Sour Patch candy
      - Dog breed: Siberian Husky
      - Inspirations: David Canary, Will Smith and Justin Timberlake
      - Animal: Giraffes
      - Outfit: simple t-shirt and jeans
      - Songs from his albums: "Get Your Shine On" and "Invincible"
      - Actresses: Reese Witherspoon and Angelina Jolie
      - Actors: Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise, Matt Damon and Robert DeNiro
      - Movies: The Sixth Sense, Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, Grease, and American History X - Books: 'Death Be Not Proud' by John Guther and 'The Grapes of Wrath' by John Steinbeck

    • Song writing & performances:
      -Jesse McCartney helped compose Leona Lewis' hit single "Bleeding Love."
      -Jesse wrote and performed an exclusive song, "We Can Go Anywhere" for his new movie Keith which released in Spring of 2007.
      -Jesse's song "I'll Try" which appears on the DisneyMania 6 CD is originally from the movie Peter Pan II.
      -When Jesse sat down to write the track, "She's No You", he was on a caffeine buzz, so he wrote a fast-paced beat for the song.
      -Jesse co-wrote his songs "Get Your Shine On," "She's No You," "That Was Then," and "What's Your Name."
      -Jesse performs a song on Disney Channel called "Good Life" for the Disney Channel Original Movie: Stuck in the Suburbs. The song is also a bonus track on his "Beautiful Soul" album.
      -Jesse's song "Get Your Shine On" is in the movie, Fat Albert.
      -Jesse sings "When You Wish Upon A Star" on the Disney Mania 3 CD.
      -Jesse sings 'Second Star to the Right' from Peter Pan on the Disney Mania 2 CD.

    • He is actually a Born Again Christian.

    • Nicknames
      -In an interview about his short-lived WB drama, Summerland, Jesse revealed that his so called nickname "Orange Boy" is a fake. The nickname was actually made up & released to the press as a joke by one of Jesse's buddies. Jesse reveals: "No one's ever called me Orange Boy for real."
      -Greg Raposo gave Jesse the nickname, JMac.

    • Fears/Pet Peeves:
      -At the opening of the new Monster's Inc. ride at Disney World, Jesse revealed on a survey that he's afraid of clowns.
      -Jesse is scared of bugs
      -Jesse's biggest fear is car accidents.
      -Jesse's pet peeve is nail filing.

    • -Jesse collects rings and necklaces which come from special people and fans.
      -Jesse wears briefs (white only) and boxers (all colors).
      -Jesse picks hats over visors.
      -Jesse likes getting his hair cut.

    • Recording Career/Awards:
      -Jesse was nominated for Breakthrough Artist for an AMA award.
      -Jesse started recording "Beautiful Soul" at age 15
      -Jesse's management run his official MySpace account, which can be found under his name.
      -Jesse introduced the performances of Bow Wow, Ciara and Omarion at the AMAs.
      -Jesse sold one million copies of "Beautiful Soul", which means it went platinum.
      -Jesse was in the band, Dreamstreet, with Matt Ballinger, Christopher Trousdale, Frankie J. Galasso, and Greg Raposo.
      -Jesse has a solo music career run by Jumpahead Productions, which was started by his managers, Sherry Kondor, and his mother, Ginger McCartney.

    • Crushes:
      -Jesse has said that he was totally starstruck when he met Mischa Barton and Eva Longoria at the 2005 Teen Choice Awards.
      -Jesse was thrilled to meet tennis star Anna Kournikova at the National Tennis Center in Queens, NY. "It was a dream come true for me... She's just so beautiful in every way. And she's got such style and class," he said.
      -Jesse has a crush on Lori Loughlin, who played Ava on Summerland and played Becky on Full House. He said it on April 16th's Teen Nick.
      -While on TRL, Jesse admitted that he has a huge crush on Marcia Cross from Desperate Housewives.
      -Jesse says he has a crush on pop superstar Jojo, but says he probably wouldn't date her because she is so young.

    • -When Jesse has breakfast, he likes to have either scrambled eggs or pumpkin pie.
      -For alone time, Jesse prefers his room to have the stereo on.
      -Jesse loves Japanese food. Also, his favorite dessert is tiramisu. He likes fruit candy, including watermelon laffy taffy and Starburst. He also likes to drink Red Bull.

    • Jesse can fall asleep anywhere. He once fell asleep on the set of Summerland, earning him the nickname "Doubleshot". He says, "I have a hard time waking up. No alarm clock works! It sounds childish, but I seriously have my manager, my mom, or a buddy of mine wake me up if I have to be somewhere. It's a serious issue! I've been very late for some serious gigs because of it!"

    • Jesse can play the saxaphone.

    • Jesse's first overseas trip was to Australia where he filmed the music video for his song "Because You Live".

  • Quotes

    • Jesse: It's very flattering to be considered a heartthrob. I'm trying not to let it go to my head.

    • Jesse: I have the best family in the world.

    • Jesse: (On "Harry Potter") I haven't read any of the books, but I've seen a couple of the films. I got a chance to meet Emma Watson, who is growing up. And she's cute man. She's so cute, she's got the little accent. She's a cutie.

    • Career Related Quotes:
      Jesse: I'm giving them all that I have, and if that's not enough, then sorry, I'm out of the game. I'll do my own thing--I'll make movies, I'll direct, I'll go to college. I'll do this as long as I can and as successfully as I can with a lot of joy and pride.

      Jesse: I'd love to play a role like Leonardo [DiCaprio] in Basketball Diaries, probably one of his greatest pieces. I'd love to do a really dramatic role.

    • Jesse: (On his "She's No You" video shoot) We shot in SoHo, so it was a really cool vibe. The video took place at night, so we started shooting at 6:00 p.m. and shot all night. I was nocturnal for three days.

    • Jesse: (On his most embarrassing moment) I was on tour with Dream Street, and I had on these really heavy pants with drawstrings. I would always tie them really tight and do a last check before the lights came up. But once, the string broke, and my pants went straight to my ankles. I was standing on stage in front of a whole crowd in my underwear.

    • Jesse: In Taiwan the fans were very kind... Everything I said, they listened to. They were really interested. They wanted to understand what I was saying. But they also sat down at the concert. You'll never see that here in America.

    • Jesse: I am not a big magic fan at all. I don't believe in tarot cards or any of that stuff. It's all myth!

    • Jesse: There's something romantic about ferris wheels.

    • Jesse: Every time I fly in an airplane, I get sick. It kind of freaks me out.

    • Jesse: It's hard to get over a back stabbing friend, but you have to talk about it and confront the person.

    • Jesse: I don't wanna say I have a temper...but I do! I kind of sulk and sit there when I'm bitter. I won't show you, but you can see it. Probably if you bring me Godiva chocolate, I'll be your friend again.

    • Jesse: I had a kissing scene on the first episode of Summerland... I thought it would be weird, but it wasn't too bad... Doing it on your own is nerve-racking enough.

    • Jesse: Yes, I am a normal teenager...just one that works in the professional world.

    • Jesse McCartney: I used to have six left feet. Now I only have one and a half left feet.

    • Jesse McCartney: I love a girl that can make me laugh. I am not really a laugh-at-things type of guy and I don't smile and laugh all the time... But if a girl can make me laugh... I'm in love!!!!

    • Jesse McCartney: Music is my way of getting away from everything. It means a lot to me.

    • Jesse McCartney: I like to smile when its natural. I'm not mad or anything. That's my style.

Fan Reviews (112)

  • Decent actor better singer.

  • Jesse McCartney is an oustanding young guy and is very talented to be only 22.

    Jesse McCArtney is a type of person that is very inspiring.He's young and can sing,songwrite & even acts.Jesse can also always fall back on his singing if acting doesnt go well and vice versa.Its great for him to be so talented and yet still so young.One day i will want to be like him in many ways.I want to also write songs.Im a Jesse McCartney fan and always will be.Keep up with the good work. #1 fan, Aarismoreless