Jesse McCartney





4/9/1987 , Westchester, New York

Birth Name

Jesse Arthur McCartney




Jesse McCartney -- singer and actor. He was born on April 9, 1987 in Westchester, New York.

Jesse McCartney has always had singing and acting in his blood, so it was a natural turn of events that Jesse McCartney would by age 17 become one of the most widely recognized Hollywood heart-throbs. Born & raised in Ardsley, a small subdivision of Westchester County, McCartney first got his try at singing and acting at the age of seven when he began appearing in community theatre productions put on by the small theatre owned by his parents Ginger & Scott McCartney. Soon thereafter McCartney auditioned for the of the young boy in The Six Sense, but failed to get the part. Later at the age of twelve, McCartney received a role in the ABC soap, All My Children, as the character Adam Chandler Jr. However, Jesse's music career was not about to take a backseat, and at about the same time Jesse beat out about 2,000 young singers to become the youngest member of the band Dream Street.

Throughout the 90's Jesse's music career continued to rise. In 2004, Jesse made another leap, this time to prime time television in the WB evening soap Summerland. Unfortunately, the series was short-lived and in the summer of 2005, the show had it's final episode.

However this roadblock did not seem to deter the tenacious young McCartney, who at the same time produced another venture in music. This time leaving his boyband roots behind for a solo career with the newly formed production company JumpAhead Productions. In 2004, McCartney released his first solo album "Beautiful Soul", which soon went multi-platinum and left McCartney with several hit singles.

McCartney's 2nd solo CD came out on September 19th 2006, but lacked all the acclaim of his first solo effort. Later on May 20 2008, Jesse released a third solo effort which was an R&B infused "Departure" from his previous two albums. Jesse's single "Leaving" reached #2 on the Billboard pop 100 list and made #10 on the hot list in 2008.

As for his acting career, Jesse has continued to remain very tenacious, and in 2004 filmed the indie flick Keith, which was based upon a short story by Ron Carlson. Keith recently hit the indie film circuit, & was released simultaneously, with a concert in Las Vegas this September.
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