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  • Decent actor better singer.

  • Jesse McCartney is an oustanding young guy and is very talented to be only 22.

    Jesse McCArtney is a type of person that is very inspiring.He's young and can sing,songwrite & even acts.Jesse can also always fall back on his singing if acting doesnt go well and vice versa.Its great for him to be so talented and yet still so young.One day i will want to be like him in many ways.I want to also write songs.Im a Jesse McCartney fan and always will be.Keep up with the good work. #1 fan, Aaris
  • While McCartney may not be entirely talentless, like many of his Disney Channel peers, he's certainly somewhat underrated. Here's why:

    Whether or not you still remember McCartney's brief stint with heart-throbe fame, he's probably a face you'll automatically discount as a talentless Hollywood wannabe. Admittedly, McCartney's 2nd album definitely lived up to the pivotal tradition of sophomore slump, but I think he's a face that'll at least be somewhere in the background for quite some time. One of the problems, however is that McCartney suffers from the cursed fate of a former child star. A veteran of the industry, having grown up in community theatre in New York, as well as playing a small role on the soap, All My Children. One of the obvious things that makes Jesse McCartney a great Hollywood player is that he's very resilient, and doesn't allow himself to be defined by the narrow boundaries of the industry. Sadly, however McCartney lacks the true recognition that could prove his chops both as popstar or as an actor. Obviously, having a short-lived drama on the notoriously unsuccessfully strategic WB/CW network doesn't exactly make for a life of fame. Although I'll admit, that having watched a few episodes of Summerland, back in the early days when I still enjoyed teen dramas (& sadly pop music) I'm not sure that the show best showcased whatever ability McCartney might possess. And given the less than stellar writing of most of the shows' drama, it leaves all of this in question.

    Still, I'll admit that I was somewhat impressed with his early decision not to sellout, in spite of being a young guy in a vicious world of Hollywood drama. "I'm giving them all that I have and if that's not enough, then sorry, I'm out of the game. I'll do my own thing--I'll make movies, I'll direct. I'll go to college. I'll do this as long as I can and as successfully as I can with a lot of joy and pride!" At least he still has something, though how much I'm unsure of given some of his not so ethical actions in young Hollywood.

    So whether or not McCartney can indeed sing, he's still an interesting figure in the sad scheme of former child stars. Maybe someday, his forgotten indie film "Keith" will be released at least on dvd so I can see how they represented the story. Overall, I think I'll use the typical cliche, & say that we'll never know what things may be. In this day & age it's sad to see what Hollywood can do young hope.
  • He's a cutie!

    Jesse McCartney started the first try acting then end up with an album. He appeared on many tv shows like Hannah Montana, Suite Life of Zack and Cody, my favorite Summerland. Singing his hits like "Get Your Shine On" on plenty of movies got him more then recognized. I like him better as a actor but his singing is pretty good to. Even though he changed his style of music and changed it more to a Chris Brown sort of vibe. For instance, "Beautiful Soul" compared to "Leavin". Now, to many he's a major heart throb but in my book he's just cute.
  • Jesse McCartney--the most adorable person ever. He has had three albums, used to be in a band Dreamstreet, was in All My Children on ABC, was in Summerland on WB then, was the voice of Theodore in A&tC movie and Jojo in Horton Hears a Who :)

    He has had guest appearances on Disney, Nickelodeon and Mtv. He's also very talented, gorgeous, handsome, and charming :) He's an awesome songwriter and singer. He not too long ago wrote the lyrics to the song "Bleeding Love" you may have heard from the British singer, Leona Lewis. Have to give him a ten he's the most gorgeous guy that I've ever seen and that voice. He gives off this honest and warm-hearted vibe. He seems like he would be so easy to talk to even though he has fame. What I'd give just to meet him WOW He's so beautiful :)!!!!!
  • Jesse McCartney is the best, and he needs more chances to prove himself.

    To all of you haters: you may not like him, but there are other people out there that do. I'm not insulting anybody, but no matter what you say, the people that do like him are going to keep liking him. And he isn't just some pretty boy, and he didn't go PLATINUM on his album "Beautiful Soul" because he's hot (though he is). He has lots of talent. I mean nobody would want to listen to some one sing badly even if they were gorgeous. Plus, people would not be asking him to be a guest star in their show if they didn't think he was good at acting. So please keep all those unneccessary words to yourself.
  • He is so CUTE!!

    Jesse McCartney (born April 9, 1987) is an American pop singer songwriter and Daytime Emmy-nominated actor. McCartney initially came to fame in the early 2000s, as a member of the boy band Dream Street,and was the youngest out of all 5 people in the band and subsequently branched out into a solo career, having appeared on the television series Summerland.
    McCartney was born in Westchester, New York, USA, to Scott and Ginger McCartney. His maternal grandparents are Dick and Joyce Sarber, from Mendocino County, California. McCartney began performing in local community musicals at the age of seven, before joining the National Tour of The King and I at the age of ten along with Phil of the Future star Ricky Ullman. He later appeared with The Who's Roger Daltrey in A Christmas Carol at Madison Square Garden. McCartney, who has been dating actress Katie Cassidy for the past two and a half years, has recently ended their relationship. Jesse announced on TRL Italy that he is now officially "a single man". How lucky am I!!!!
  • Jesse McCartney, * talented * cute * handsome * intelligent * lovable * hearthrob

    Jesse mCCartney, hope that you'll read this. i really really like you cause everytime I hear your songs I'm loving you more and more. I always get intouch about what's happening in your life. hope i will recieve a feedback about this. pls... send me a feedback.. Hope that you will have a concert here in the philippines cause i really like you to see in person.Whenever you read this review I'm Joanna Esperanza and I'm a Filipino. I love all of your song. If ever you have your friendster pls add me I am not beautiful as what you thinks but i don't care.
  • Good Actor

    Jesse McCartney is talented in my opinion. Some of his songs are good and he is cute. But I think I like his acting the best. I've seen him in Summerland and wow his acting surprised me. He is a such a good actor. He played Bradin very well and he was good at the drama, anger and sad scenes. Whoever thinks he is a bad actor needs to wacth Summerland. Jesse is a nice and cool guy. He seems humble too. Sure he's a prettyboy but what's so bad about that. It is not his fault lots of girls love him.
  • Overrated, talentless, annoying pretty boy

    Not another Aaron Carter! He sucks at singing, and please don't report me for this. I can have my own opinions. He's not cute and is overused in some shows as a hearthrob. He looks, sounds, and acts like a girl. What do some teenage girls see in him anyway? He's just like Aaron Carter, and he's only making cameo appearances on shows as a cute guy (e.g. Hannah Montana, The Sh**** Life of Zack and Cody). I find it hard to believe he's not over 21. He looks like he's in his late twenties to me. Don't report this review, because I didn't insult any user. I just insulted this turd.
  • This guy sucks.

    I have to say Jesse McCartney sux. He can't sing for his life nor can he act. If you've ever watched an episode of summer land then you will know what i mean. Well the show is alright just another soap, but it would be much better if they hired some real actors. And to all those who have heard Jesse sing well then you know he sucks. What 18 year old or whatever wants to sing about A Beautiful Soul, well we all know he is in it for the money. Jesse you suck and get some singing lessons.
  • Ugh...not another pretty boy!

    First we had one crappy pretty boy named Aaron Carter, now we have another one! First he can't sing, then he can't act, he should QUIT! Then his voice sounds like crap, especially when he hits those high notes. His lyrics are so girly! He even looks and sings like a girl, too! I'm tired of this crappy bubble gum pop! Then the beat in all his songs sounds like crap! Speaking of which, he's off-tone in every song! It's like he's singing another song for Pete's sake! Also, he can't dance to save his own life! This dude is the one of the worst singers I have heard!
  • Deserves the three T's: Terrible, Talentless and Trashy.

    The 'three T's' are things that i made up and a term i use for things that are revolting and bad. In this case, Jesse has fully earned the three T's; Terrible, talentless and trashy.

    1) He can't sing! He does not sound like he sings properly as he has a voice that sounds like its coming from his nose. (A very whiny sound)
    2) His songs are just annoying. They are not in anyway unique and will not be remembered years from now.
    3) People say he's hot, but man! He is NOT!

    Overall, Jesse earns the three T's: Terrible, talentless and trashy.
  • Jesse McCartney is a great singer!

    Jesse McCartney is wonderful at singing.I heard that he's starring in a movie called Keith.His songs are awsm and its genre is pop.These are my favorite songs:

    Beautiful Soul
    She's no you
    Because you live
    What's your name?
    Good Life

    For those who don't know Jesse McCartney,he's an American singer and actor.He's from California.His date of birth is the 9th of April 1987.He's a great singer.If you know The suite life of Zack and Cody,he was a guest star in the episode "Rock star in the house".Try his songs as they rule the world.He's 19 now.He's got embarrresing moments like all of us.Learn to like him.
  • Jesse McCartney is a very good actor indeed. I first saw him on the show Summerland, which unfortunately did not last very long. If it had been on for a little longer, I might see Jesse as both a great actor AND singer!

    Jesse McCartney is a very good actor, no doubt. He's also an excellent singer. I first saw him on the show Summerland just a year ago. The show was pretty good, but apparently not good enough. Jesse McCartney is like me in a lot of ways, however he has more acting and musical experience than me. He also has more fans. Nevertheless, if Summerland would have been able to stay on air longer, he might be both and excellent actor and singer! He, however, is still a great guy no matter what kind of celebrity he is!
  • He is the sexiest 19(turning 20 on April 9) year old on the Earth. I think that he was extremely sexy on the summerland!!! I love him sooo much!!

    I think that his style is out of this world because he has a sexy style!!! I think that he is way better than Zac Efron because unlike Zac he can sing and act!! I also think that his current hair style is really sexy!!! I also think that his car is awsome even though I don\'t what kind of car he has. I also think that he has an awsome singing voice and my favorite song of his is his new single Right Where You Want me. I also can not wait to see his movie keith that is coming out in 2007!! He is just sooo sexy and hott!!!
  • My review of Jesse McCartney of everything about him!

    Jesse McCartney is awesome. He can do it all. I love him. He\'s really hot too, & he can sing & act. His personality is awesome. He\'s really nice to his fans too. I\'ve met him twice now, & he\'s still great & a hero in my eyes! When he sings live, it sounds exactly like the actual track does on his cd. He takes excellent pictures. My favorite thing he\'s been in is Summerland. God...he\'s just great. His music means so much too loads of people. I LOVE him. He\'s a hero in many people\'s eyes not just mine!!!!
  • Jesse does have it all. He is a great actor, singer, and really good looking!!

    I think that jesse is a great star. He has it all. The acting, singing, looks. I think he is a wonderful actor. I absolutley loved summerland. He really should do more acting. He also did great when he guest starred in The Suit Life of Zach and Cody. He has a wonderful voice. I really love listening to his music. He has a good variety. There are calming songs, but there are also the songs that are up beat. I can't wait until hi new CD comes out. I hope he has another tour too. I would definately be there. I think Jesse is GREAT!
  • Whaat can't Jesse McCarney do? He can sing, and act and is gorges!

    Jesse A. McCartney was born to Ginger and Scot McCartney. He is the oldest of three children. He has a younger sister named Lea and younger brother named Timmy. He made his debut on TV as JR on "All My Children" (1970), but he has been pleasing audiences in Irvington, New York since he was 7. He toured nationally starring as Louis in the musical 'The King and I'. He has performed on and off broadway. He was part of the singing group, Sugar Beats, which was nominated for a Grammy. In 1999, he was picked from 500 other boys to be in a 5 member pop group called Dream Street and were signed to Edel Entertainment. Their album reached gold and toured with Britney Spears. In 2002, the group split due to a lawsuit suing the producers. Jesse lives in New York and is pursuing a solo singing career with Sugar Beats producer, Sherry Kondor. They have formed their own production company, Jump Ahead Productions. Jesse has released his EP and his single 'Beautiful Soul'. He performs with his band which consists of Dillon Kondor [lead guitarist], Katie Spencer [background vocals, keyboardist], Alex Russek [drummer], Pete Chema [bass guitarist], Sharisse Francisco [background vocals], and Karina LaGravinesse [background vocals]. They recently toured the east coast Jesse was cast as Bradin for the TV show 'Summerland' starring Lori Laughlin. He is now filming the 12 episode series in California which will air as a mid-season series.
  • Jesse is sooooo hott! He makes me drool! And boy is he talented!

    Jesse McCartney is like the second hottest guy on the planet! He is soooo talented! I loved him on Summerland! He was so cute!!
    Besides him being extremely hot, he also is an amazing singer! I have his CD, Beautiful Soul. Now at first, I thought I had made a mistake buying it. I thought that I should've just bought a few of his songs. But boy was I wrong! Jesse's voice is so dreamy and his songs are beautiful. He is really underrated and he should be more appreciated by everyone. People think he is talentless, but he proved himself in Dream Street and Summerland. He deserves every little compliment that goes his way!
    He is definitely the second hottest guy in Hollywood!! I love you Jesse!!

  • I luv Jesse Mccartney.

    Jesse is so cute and talented. I can't wait for his movie to come out. I wish I could meet him is person, I mean that would be so totally awsome. I love all of his songs, but my favorite's are That was Then This is now, and Stupid things. Also he his favorite color is my second favorite color. (orange). I also can't wait for his new album to come out. I think he has an awsome voice, and puts his heart into every song. Anyone who has his autograph please contact me. Jesse if you are reading this I want you to know that I am behind you all the way.
  • A sexy and talented man!

    Jesse McCartney is one of a kind. He is a singer, song writer, and actor. He has exceled in everything he has done. His album went platinum and i personally like every song on his album. He is living the dream most teenagers never get to live. Traveling the globe and going on tours. Summerland was a hit. That show should of got way more credit and seasons. He is such a talented actor. He is doing a movie called Keith. And i have to say i was feeling the blonde hair more then the brunette look. But either way he is a handsome young man.
  • I think Jesse is so hott!

    Jesse McCartney is so hott!He is a great singer.I think that he has an amazing voice.He is so hott!I drool over him!Lol!I really love his songs.Especially,Because You Live and She's No You.I just fell in love with them!And him!I think that he did great in Summerland.I just love him to death now!But not as much as Zac Efron!I just think he is amazing and hott and a good singer and hott and good at acting and hott!Oh,did I mention hott?Yep I did!Well,to sum this all up:I think Jesse is really amazing and hott!

    i LOVE Jesse mccartney i mean come on can he get any hotter and could his voice be any more pleasing? Huh Yeah right that\\\'s not possible. i saw his concert last summer he rocked. summerland was the best show ever and they cancelled it stupid mistakes. i so love love him he is truely the best at everything he does. SO HOTTTTT!
  • Jesse McCartney is my favorite male singers of all time.

    Jesse rules! He's not only a talented singer, but also a talented actor! They should give him his own show because I never get tired of him! I just wish that I could spend at least three hours with him and I will be happy for the rest of my life. He is pretty hot for a nineteen year-old. I have seen some nineteen year-olds and let me tell you, they are nothing compared to Jesse. He has the whole package! His looks, his musical talent, his acting, I mean, he is phenomenal. I just wish that I could meet him.
  • Jesse McCartney is your typical 19 year old male that happens to be a very gorgeous rich boy! His birth name is: Jesse Abraham Arthur McCartney. I thought is was Jesse Adam McCartney. But i was wrong. But I still love the same. 'Cause he's sexy and gorgeo

    I love u very much Jesse!!!!!! If u r reading this then i say that u r VERY times infinity sexy and gorgeous! I want to marry u soooooooo bad! Jesse if u r still reading this then I have to tell u a couple of things:

    1. I love the # 7!
    2. I need help with math
    3. I LOVE the New York Yankees and Derek Jeter!
    4. I can make u laugh!
    5. I HATE Brussel Sprouts!
    6. I LOVE kiwi and Strawberries!
    7. I LOVE chocolate ice cream!
    8. I like Will Smith
    9. U r very cute, hot, and sexy
    10. I love the majority of u're songs
    11. I have all of u're solo cd's and i listen to them constantly!
  • Girls love him, Guys hate him. Why? Girls love him because- he's him and guys hate him because he's an average guy just like them getting all the oppurtunities of a lifetime: performing for the President, movies, shows, music, girls, the whole gig of bein

    Someone that has a backgroung in the industry, a decent singing voice, and \"Abercrombie and Filch\" looks, does not come around that often. Aaron Carter was really not that good; with his squeky voice and under-par live performances, he\'s nothing compared to this guy. However, because of his good songs-especially in live shows, I decided to see if there was something going on that people did not know about. I soon found that there are occassions that when he sings live, he has to sing it in a lower key. Yes, I know that they are human beings- that they need a break once in a while, but I thought it was a little odd. I found this out with a few videos online that show him ingin over the radio and what not; I then take the original song of whatever he\'s singing and play it along. You can tell he was singing in the wrong key if you heard what I heard. Now I\'m not blaming him or anything, maybe he had a bad cold or a sore throat or something (that\'s why he needed to sing lower). Talented, yes. Consistent, maybe.
  • Jesse mccartney is so cute I love Him!!!!!

    jesse is so cute he is the best since Arron Carter and I really don't see why people diss him he is so cute I would faint if I saw him I really really love him the best song of his I think has to be "why don't you kiss her" I really think he is so cute I can't belive He is 20 already He was born on the 9/4/87
  • I'm so excited when it's all about Jesse McCartney as I'm a huge fan of his. He's so cute, charming and has a pair of pretty green eyes. Really charming!!! Besides, with his well built and tall figure, he totally stands out among the crowd as he's simply

    10's always seems great to write my personal review about Jesse McCartney!!!He's sooo hot......too hot!!! and sooo cute!!!! I truly love him. Well, if Jesse ever read this review, then he'll know how much i love and admire him!!! The first time i heard his single, Beautiful Soul, it was kinda haven for me......just can't describe it. After that, i began searching for his details.....and the next moment i found out that i've become one of his fans. Yeah!!! I never regret it as he's just the guy that every girl in this whole wide world wish for......and i simply can't resist his charm!!! His debut single, Because you live, is another great song which you must look out for as it's just great!!To Jesse, I really can't wait for your next album as I'll definately be among the first to buy it.....even though I'm from a far away country. So, don't ever forget that you have such a loyal fan in Malaysia. I totally hope I'll be able to see you live here!! Therefore, do have a big concert in Malaysia and I promise that you won't be dissappointed as there are many huge fans of yours here!!! Good Luck and All The Best!!! Hope to see u soon!!! Bye!!!
  • jesse mccartney is so charming...he's so hot and his songs are the greatest!

    jesse mccartney is so charming. he is so hot and his songs are the greatest! he is like perfection! i disagree with those who say that he is talentless because he is a great actor and a great singer as well. he is such a hottie! jesse is the best.
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