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  • Yummy!!!

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  • hot! hot! hot! have I told he's hot?

    His sexy and scilful character (John)has just charmed me with his nice appearence! Hansome smart and male! That's whole I need!
    He and Gabriell are very good couple. If only they were a couple in the real life?! I wish he has a good and gorgeus girlfriend!

    I love you Jess!
  • Jesse Metcalfe is hot!

    I first became familiar with Jesse Metcalfe as an actor when I started watching Passions, and I have to say that while I don't think that Jesse is the best actor in the world, I do think that he's a much better actor than most people give him credit for. Plus, I also think that he's really hot. Of all the roles that I have seen him play, I would have say that my favorite role that he has played would definitely have to be John Rowland on Desperate Housewives. I thought that he played that role so well, and I think that he really brought a lot to the character. All in all, I really like Jesse Metcalfe as an actor, and I hope that he goes on to achieve great success in his acting career.
  • Jesse Metcalfe is gorgeous.

    So far, I've only seen him once. In one of my favorite movies, John Tucker Must Die. And may I say, he's a HOT PIECE. I love every bit of him. From his perfect face, his hot body. Lol. He's just so gorgeous. And he's a fair actor too. I hope too see more of him in movies and TV shows. He's really great, and I think he deserves to be in more appearances. I've watched John Tucker Must Die over and over again, and I never get tired of it because I get hypnotized by his looks, lol! He's pure bliss.
  • Hot 'n' great actor!

    Jesse Metcalfe is good actor! He is not one of my faves but I love how he looks! He is very hot!!! I know him in a first place from 'Desperate Housewives' where he plays sexy John Rowland. Then, he plays in one of my favourite movies 'John Tucker must die' where he play popular John Tucker!
  • Famous teen star!

    I must say that I really liked his new movie 'John Tucker Must Die'! It's one of my favourites. Besides a role where Jesse plays a popular teenager who breaks girls's hearts, he also plays Gabrielle's lover in 'Desparate Housewives'. I'e heard rumours that he will leave the show and that would be stupid. Now with who is Gabrielle gonna have an affair?! :twisted: Anyways, he seems ok.
  • Basically Jesse Metcalfe is the hottest man on the planet and i want him so bad..i know deep inside of him..he wants me too.

    I love this man I love this man I love this man!!! he is the sex symbol of life! Also i very good actor.. very hot and ya i want him. i wanna take off his clothes till he\\\'s all nakedddd mmmmmm sounds delicious! ya i wanna see him in that thong with that nice tight asss oh ya. but anyway he is jsut a babe and im so jealous of him fat girlfriend because she doesnt deserve him.I do... i definetely give him a high score cuz baby HE HOT! i\\\'m in love with this man and he was amazing in John Tucker Must Die and now im gonna start watching Desprete Houswives because he\\\'s in it and i hated that show until now.. anyways .. im in love with Jesse Metcalfe
  • Ahhh he is so adorable

    Jesse is just so so so adorable! Oh my goodness he is just the cutest thing. Nice body and a beautiful face haha. I think he is one of the best looking guys out there right now. I haven't seen him acting alot though. I haven't gotten around to watching Desperate Housewives but I saw him on some late night shows and some MTV shows like Punk'd & MTV Cribs. He's in alot of my celebrity magazines and he is looking super fine all the time. But chyeah I guess I'm just going to have to catch a few of his shows to see if he isn't just a hottie. He seems like a charming guy. . .
  • Heyyy

    Heyy I just see ur biography that u will work on John Tucker Must Die.. I just quess that will be cool! SO Are u live in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles or Santa Monica or something like that?? I think you are an a goood actor i quess because I watch Desperate Housewives
  • Sorry but I saw Jesse up close and personal and he is not 6\'1\" but more like 5\'4\". He was rude and stuck-up. Doesn\'t deserve all the hype. Handsome on the outside, ugly within.

    I was unimpressed when I ran into him at a local bar. He was rude and self-righteous. He is REALLY short, probably about 5\'4\". He\'s still handsome but his attitude made him ugly. He just lost a fan along with several others once I tell them how rude he was. There was not a humbled bone in his body.
  • the guy from desperate housewives

    OMG another one on my top ten hotties list. He is talented makes bank and looks amazing. He is i think the hottest on desperate housewives. His eyes are gorgeous, and he has great skin and he seems so nice and caring you know. I think he's a mojor hottie.
  • you know he's gay....

    you know he's gay... He was actually dating my guy friend a couple years ago. He is in the closet sorry to say. He was really gorgeous when i met him .. and i still havent got over him. He is too perfect. I dunno if he'll stay on desperate housewives any longer.
  • Not a very good actor

    Jesse Metcalfe is so annoying. He's not a good actor at all. On Desperate Housewives he plays John the gardener who having affair with Gabrielle one of the housewives. He so wooden that all of his scene make me cringes. He's not as hot as everyone seems to think. His eyebrows are extremely messed up. Thank god he's being leaving Desperate Housewives soon.
  • It's strange about Hollywood sometimes.

    Hollywood works in mysterious ways. Take for example the case of one Jesse Metcalfe. Somehow or another he managed to get cast in Passions where he showed all the acting ability of a tree suffering from Dutch Elm Disease. It was a struggle for Metcalfe to get out more than five words of dialogue at one time. Then he decides to leave Passions. The show doesn't miss him one damn bit. Even as bad as that show is it actually improved somewhat after the departure of Metcalfe's character.

    Instead of fading into a richly deserved obscurity and entering a new career of waiting tables, pumping gas, or working in a toll booth Metcalfe gets cast in a new series entitled Desperate Housewives. Lo and behold, the show is a major hit. Metcalfe suddenly becomes a sensation even though he's still the same talentless boob he was on Passions. Living proof that it's not about talent in Hollywood. It's about being in the right place at the right time. Talented younger actors struggle while the Jesse Metcalfe no talents of the word become stars. Hells bells.
  • He is what girls are looking for. He can make serious money for his agents. He's sexy, smart, great personality, great bod. He should have been in the movie "What Women Want" He is what we want.

    Well to review... Jesse Metcalfe is a talented, successful actor who right know is America's heartthrob. He is an original and honestly the only reason that people wacth his shows is for him. He's got the perfect combo: face, bod, personality. You can clearly see why his agency signed him. To make more money out of him because he is what women want.
  • So damn pretty.

    Jesse Metcalfe, in my opinion, is a pretty boy in the truest sense of the word. It is like he's not for real (in terms of his looks). He is not just easy on the eyes, he is too easy on the eyes. These are all compliments, by the way.
  • Jesse Metcalfe is destined to become a biggest star because of his talent and looks.

    When I first saw him on Desperate Housewives, he had this aura of a true Hollywood star--gorgeous, confident and talented.
    True enough, teenage girls kept tuning in to Desperate Housewives for two reasons: great show and Jesse.
    With his muscled and toned body, everybody was hailing him as a next Superstar material. And he is.
    His handsome face is truly captivating. He has this innocence and charm that most TV stars don\\\'t have.
    He should be given more meatier roles and not be typecast as a beefcake.
    But with Jesse almost always appearing on Desperate Housewives with his shirt off, who am I to complain?
  • The most talented, gorgeous and sexiest star on television today, Jesse Metcalfe really does have it all.

    Desperate Housewives really has showed the world what this previously under-rated star was capable of, and now he can only be destined for bigger and better things!

    Jesse not only has the movie star looks but is full of talent and, in my opinion, still has the potential to reach higher standards.
  • He is sooo hot in Desperate Housewives.

    So i think EVERYONE should watch it. He's not ONLY gorgeous, but also really talented. I hope to see him take on a bigger part in a tv show. I think that he's one of the hottest actors out there. He'll make it to the really really really mainstream soon !:)