Jesse Moss





Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Jesse Moss is a Canadian actor who is best remembered for his role of Jason Wise in the blockbuster horror/thriller Final Destination 3. Born in 1983, the Vancouver, British Columbia, native began his entertainment career as a voice actor - debuting in the 1991 television series, Captain and the Zee Zone. He continued for the next five years doing voice work in a number of straight-to-video Disney features and various animated series. Moss began to earn a name for himself in film with a supporting role in Prozac Nation (2001). Five years later, he was cast as one of the co-stars for the film, Final Destination 3. The movie earned an estimated $117 million at the box office, though it received some scathing reviews largely because of a scene that referenced the 9/11 attacks. Moss has focused on primarily on television movies since starring in Final Destination 3. Personally, it is interesting to note, that Moss is the younger brother of professional golfer, Rory Moss.