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  • Trivia

    • In June 2008 Jesse finished shooting the latest Seth Rogen comedy Observe and Report. Jesse and Seth play mall cops who square off in a turf war against the local cops.

    • When he is not busy filming Friday Night Lights, he enjoys playing sports and returning to his Lone Star State roots to rope and ride.

    • Jesse's mother is a teacher in Waco, TX who works with children with autism.

    • In 2002 Jesse received a Young Artist Award nomination for his guest starring role on The Guardian.

    • Jesse Plemons, along with Friday Night Lights costar Adrienne Palicki, is among the many stars featured in Black Eyed Peas frontman Wil.I.Am's latest video in support of Barack Obama.

    • Jesse is currently (2008) filming Shrink starring Kevin Spacey, Robin Williams and Saffron Burrows. Jonas Pate, who directed several episodes of Friday Night Lights, is directing.

    • In 2008 Jesse makes the transition to the big screen with a role in the new Seth Rogen comedy, Observe and Report. The plot centers around a deluded, self-important head of mall security who squares off in a turf war against local cops.

    • Jesse graduated from Texas Tech University Independent School in 2007.

    • Jesse spends much of his down time during filming playing video games with Friday Night Lights co-stars Scott Porter and Zach Gilford.

    • Jesse is the one of two cast members of the Texas-based show Friday Night Lights that's actually from Texas. The other is Brad Leland who plays "Buddy Garrity".

  • Quotes

    • Jesse: (about his favorite thing he has done on Friday Night Lights)
      I loved the Crucifictorious stuff [Landry's band]. I got to hang out with the guys from the band, and they were really interesting. You wouldn't necessarily put Landry in that group of kids who sing that kind of music. But then I met them, one of them was really smart, really quiet, but then he went on stage and he was totally different. Then I was like, OK, I get it.

    • Jesse: (On acting in a show about a small town football team)
      See, that's what I love so much about it. I grew up in a town just like this. I'm from Texas, I'm from a town called Mart, population 2,000. So I think the reason why I've so much fun with it is there are so many people I can think back to. But it's not really any particular stereotype. It's just really interesting [relationships].

    • Jesse: (On his role as a criminal turned vampire in the NBC series "Fear Itself")
      When you're upside down and there's blood dripping off your head into a pan, there isn't a whole lot of acting involved, you just kind of have to react.

    • Jesse: (On why people stay in small towns in Texas)
      I think, in some cases, just the football tradition in some of these small towns kinda keeps people there.

    • Jesse: I was actually a waterboy on my high school team, the Mart Panthers, in 2000.

    • Jesse: (On Glenn Morshower joining the FNL cast as Landry's father)
      I had only seen some of his stuff on 24, but he's a great actor. And it's kind of weird how much we actually look alike. He probably looks more like me than my real dad does. It's kinda freaky.

    • Jesse Plemons: (on the 'real life' challenges joining Friday Night Lights) For me, this is my first apartment living by myself, so that whole becoming-an-adult thing is still kind of setting in. I'm still trying to figure all that out. (pauses) Like, I just realized I need to pay my rent!

    • Jesse Plemons: (on playing Friday Night Lights' "Landry Clarke") He doesn't fit into a stereotype. That's what makes him really interesting to play. He doesn't understand what all the hype is about football. But slowly but surely he gets drawn into it.