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  • HOTT!!

    He is so hott I love his accent and his hair... It is really hott but why does he have to be dating Jenniffer Morrison!! :'( It sux cuz he is really hott! And he is a really good actor. But if you have ever seen Date Movie 'Grant' looks and sounds exaactly like Jesse Spencer only that guys name is Adam Campell nto even Close to Jesse SPencer... maybe they are longlost cousins or relatives...? Well any way he is really hott nice hair and accent good actor 'favorite actor' and yeah thats basically it... oh and HOUSE RULEs!!
  • The return of the good boy...

    Thank goodness for Golden Boys. Who cares if his lips are slightly enormous? He's cute enough to make up for it, and then some.

    (there aren't too many guys out there who fit that category...Jesse Spencer fits perfectly...right next to Jake Gyllenhaal and the like. )

    Thank you for existing.
  • So Jesse is totally handsome, but he doesn't do anything for me on this show.

    He is great on House, and I love how they are always making jokes about him being the pretty boy on the show. He's definitely a cutie, but I think he's too clean cut for me. And I hear he's dating Cameron (off screen, and maybe on screen?) Awesome, they go really well together.
  • We love you!

    Love him. Funny, gorgeous, and all around awesome. We love you Jesse Spencer! One of the main reasons why I watch House in the first place. We love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love you!
  • Omg! Jesse Spencer is a major hottttty!!!!!!!!!!!

    Omg!!!!!!!!! He is ssssssssooooooo hott! I love watching House. I wish there could be one show with him and not house just for once. I mean don't get me wrong I like House But I thing It would be something different and cool! Don't you think? I hope someday they can have autograph signings in Omaha. I mean I would totally go!!! And I also love how house is always on the move.Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ! Just he's ssssooooooo hhhhoootttttt :)
  • Jesse is a very talented young love his accent a good future awaits you in film

    great actor your script is unbelievably difficult I would say. I kind of concider my self a cridict of sorts and I really like you charictor especialy when you get together with Cameron I do hope that they continue from her giving you own draw.
    I do like the show and am thinking of purchasing the DVDS. I think that you should stand up to House a little stronger. All around your charictor displays a certin amount of feelings tell the witers you think that you need to display a little more but your doing a great job keep going
  • Jesse Is Such An Amazing Man

    Jesse Is soo completely in love with his accent..his beautiful blonde hair...his mysterious eyes..I looove his character on "House"..Besides Dr.House, Jesse is one of the only reasons why i watch the show...Just listening to him talk drives me crazy...He plays his role soo well...he is really good on house...I wish i could meet him would be a dream come true..I get so excited everytime house comes on...He is so into his character, you would really think he was a doctor...Well i just want to say keep up the good work jesse and i cant wait for more house episodes to come on...your AWSOME....LOVE YOU
  • Jesse Spencer is most widely known for his starring role in the hit series, -House-

    Jesse Spencer is an excellent actor. He is also quite gorgeous. He is a very convincing actor, and does a great job in the series -House- As a matter of fact, he is the main reason I watch the show. He appears to do more with Drama than with comedy, but does superb with both. Jesse Spencer has also been in a few "theater films," including -Uptown Girls- starring Brittany Murphy and rising star Dakota Fanning. I would highly reccommend any of Jesse's movies, and/or TV shows (especially -House-). I am really looking forward to his future career in acting, whether it be movies or TV shows.
  • omg he is the HOTTEST person on the show

    he is so hot that it isn't funny he is one of the many resons i watch House.he has that accsent and it makes me go crazy!!! he also has that hair that i give a 10. he deserves Camron and she deserves him. i think they should get together on the show. i do love house, but he is to old for me, but hes not!!!!!!!! i thinkk that he should have a bigger roll then he has now. i mean i don't want him to take over the show, but maybe a little more of him. i just think that he is so hot that he makes me melt.
  • Completely cute and he has a sense of humor!!

    Jesse Spencer is great. Although I haven't seen him in any of the movies he's been in I have got to say that he was great in Death in Holy Orders. If you haven't seen it I suggest you do for one simple reason, he's naked at 2 points in the show. At first I was trying to pick who he was then I did and nearly fell of my chair. Go watch it now if possible.

    I also love his character in House because House always seems to be making fun of him. So let’s see, he's hot, he's on one of the best shows on TV (House) and he can act!! He seems to be perfect. What more could you ask for?
  • He is soooo HOT & one of the only reasons I watch House

    He's talented...not only can he act, but he's also a musician. He's been in "Uptown Girls" but I'd really like to see more of him in the future. I remember sitting in my Human Anatomy class one Friday and he walks into the scene & I was like who is he...he's so HOTT!!! His accent just makes it even better...I love guys who have British or Australian accents. Since he's not engaged to Jennifer Morrison anymore that word: SINGLE!!! I admit he's a little bit older than me, but he's fun to look at & cute...let's just say I've been watching House a lot more than I used to...haha. I mean the show's good too & I love how House is always kinda making fun of Dr. Chase!!!
  • He is hot. and nice.

    I think he is soooooo unbelievably hot and is a stud. I love his hair and everything about him. I love him!! He will make some lucky gal drool like all the other girls around the world are drooling over him. If only i was that one lucky gal. He is sexy and hot and gorgeous and talented and has great hair and plays music and i fell inlove with him from uptown girls . he is totalllly hoooooooooooot. he is so hot i could fry an egg on him . we / i love you jesse spencer . .
  • a total hottie

    a total hottie with a great body and an even better Australian accent. I love that he is on the show. Cameron (Morrison) and him make a great couple. I love how house always make a joke out of him when things are going bad. Chase (Spencer) never lets it get to him. It shows that he has a great sense of humor...Jesse We LOVE You!!!
  • Hmm... gorgeous maybe?!?

    I'm from Australia and i worshipped Jesse on Neighbours. What is with his hair on house though! It was much cuter on the soapie and they need to give him better dialogue and just more... I have to agree though he's not doing much for me as Chase, and he needs a haircut!