Jesse Ventura





7/15/1951 , Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Birth Name

James George Janos




Jesse is a former professional wrestler and former wrestling commentator. Jesse served in the U.S. Armed forces as a Navy Seal and spent some time stationed in Vietnam. He next became a professional body builder with hopes of later becoming a professional wrestler. He was trained for the sport by veteran professional wrestler Eddie Sharkey and Jesse made his professional in ring debut in October 1975. His ring name came from a highway in Southern California so was born "Jesse Ventura". His first major matches were in the now defunct AWA (American Wrestling Association) owned by former professional wrestling icon Vern Gagne. Jesse with his tag-team partner Adrian Adonis won his first major title in the AWA when they won the AWA World Tag Team titles. In the early 1980's they both moved over to the old WWWF that became the WWF and then the WWE calling themselves "The East/West Connection". Jesse would get several shots at the World Champion but never won the Heavyweight title. In November 1991 he was hired as a wrestling commentator for the now defunct WCW. In 1998 Jesse decided to run for Governor of the state of Minnesota and after winning the race by a very slim margin he was in office from 4 January 1999 to 6 January 2003. Jesse was inducted into the WWE Wrestling Hall of Fame on 13 March 2004 in New York City one day prior to Wrestlemania XX. He interviewed Donald Trump on 14 March 2004 and hinted he might think about running for President in 2008. In late 2005 Jesse moved to Baja Calafornia, Mexico where he spends most of his time surfing.