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  • Overrated bimbo and crappy actress Jensen ackles is hotter than her and micheal weathlrly

    She's a crappy actress and not not all that and pet petrA is a dumb troll! Micheal is ugly and Jensen ackles is hotter and more talented than him! And Jessica able sucks she can't act and she's not that hot! I have females way hotter and talented than her! Plus Jessica seems like a bitch. All her roles suck! And hope she never star in movies or show ever again. And who ever likes her is dumb. She should get a low rated cause she is lame and not talented! Like I said Jessica sucks she a bad actress bye trolls
  • Highly overrated, but I'm jealous that she was with Michael Weatherly :)

    She's nice to look at... That's about it really. The only thing I envy her for is that she had a relationship with Michael Weatherly :) I really don't like that she's badmouthing him because any woman would be lucky to be with Michael. Now she's saying she never should have gotten engaged to him because he's 12 years older and she was very religious. Maybe she just recently learned how to count, but she could have figured that one out when they met, right? I've never liked her in any role she played. I only liked Dark Angel because of Michael Weatherly to be honest. And he's only gotten better now he's on NCIS. Her acting abilities have never grabbed me. Just a pretty face. I'd like to see more of MW and less of her. She's just not as good as she thinks she is.
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    She is a reliable performer and can do comedy and dark. It's good she steered away from ethnic stuff because who needs that anyway but she also seems to avoid it a little bit. She's hot, beautiful, talented and has great range.
  • She is good to look at but.......

    Bimbo..I really liked her in Dark Angel and Idle hands,she also made a great looking invisible woman in Fantastic 4 but like others said let's be honest it is because of her looks thatt peope love her.Her recent "be neutral like Sweden" incident where she is being quite the douc$e really shows what she is made of.EVERYONE knows that it is be neutral like Switzerland.What a ditz!!What is funny is she is far from neutral hersef as she showed this last year,her and most of Hollywood.What is really funny is now the MEDIA (of course being as biased as they are) is defending their own and saying see Sweden was neutral see it's in Wikipedia.LOL we all know other coutries were neutral in WWII..So was the US until we were attacked btw,but Sweden is not KNOWN as the standard bearer of NEUTRAL.Jessica Alba just put her foot in her mouth,she is better to look at then listen to.She is the typical Hollywood Elitist "Intellectual"..Think they know it all,even if they don't(They will still be backed by all the Powers that be in the PRESS).America is controlled by these wacko's..Pity US.
  • From a talent perspective she's not not a scene stealer. Let's be realistic, though, she's not popular because of her acting. She has a great personality, and isn't too hard on the eyes either.

    I first caught her (no pun intended) on Flipper. You could tell even then she was going to be a pretty big star. Her acting was adequate, but she had a very unique look to her that you certainly didn't see on tv much at the time. She really came into her own on Dark Angel. The show itself was pretty solid to start, but Jessica was likely the reason people were tuning in. She turned into a hottie, and the rest is history. The great thing about her is a casting diretor can plug her into a bad movie but people will still watch it. You can't really fault that kind of logic. Nor can you fault Jessica for being magnetic in that way.
  • She is the hottest woman ever!

    J E S S I C A A L B A I S S O H O T ! ! ! She's like my wife to be, even if she's married and having a kid. Ya just can't get enough of her. Her movies were pretty awesome, like Sin City, Fantastic Four she was hot in all of them.

    S H E I S T H E H O T T E S T W O M A N O N T H E P L A N E T, no T H E U N I V E R S E ! !
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    Jessica Alba a young beautiful women.But lets face it she is talentless.She cant act to save her life.In all the movies i've seen her in (which is only 2)she lacks the skills needed to carry her role.Every performance has been effortless and with no emotion.For example the only awards she has ever recieved have been based upon her looks.She has not and WILL not recieve an award for her acting skills.If she does i know the world is coming to an end.I think she should just be a model and stick to jobs that show off her looks.
  • Beauty Queen

    Jessica Alba is a most gorgeous,beautiful women I have ever seen!
    She is an amazing,pretty and charming young actrress who became an icon of beauty for almost every man aroun globe! On my opinion
    she is the ideal women! She always looks stunning, she is always smiling and that is why everybody loves her! She have a most perfect body I have ever seen and every women would like to have such
    an amzing body! She is very good actrress and I like to watch her movies in any time! Honestly, I have never seen such a beauty!
    She is perfect women and I would give everything to meet her in person!
  • Jessica is a gorgeous, talented actress who fully has my respect.

    Jessica Alba is a huge idol of mine. I adore everything about her, she also has my respect. She is a very gorgeous, talented actress. Very different from most actresses. She keeps to her self, her work is important to her, and she does abuse her gorgeous looks by exploited her body. She also keeps her personally life aside from her famous life. She does not get enough credit and is very underrated. Unlike most Hollywood girls, Jessica respects herself, her family, and her fans. It is nice to know that there is some one out there, who thinks of acting as a job, and not a free pass to get their way and get away with everything.
  • If I could spell mediocre that would be what I call her.

    She is just like all of the other pretty actresses, they just get the job because they're pretty. Kind of like Angelina Jolie, but she's a whole other story that I will have to write a whole seperate review for. She was okay in The Fantastic Four, except she wore clored contacts and that gets on my nerves when people wear those when it's not Halloween. That's right Jessica, I totally just dissed you. Are you gonna come after me and strangle me with your amazingly perfect hair? Wow, that was insulting yet at the same time constructive. I have just recently seen a preview for The Eye, and to be honest, she does not seem like the kind of person to play in a slasher-kill-everybody movie, not to be sexist or 'racist' against pretty girls, it's just that I think that girls like her should not play in movies like that. But that other movie that she's in, umm I can't remember what it's called, the one where she is killed on her wedding day and follows her husband's new girlfriend around, that seems perfect for her.
  • eh, not exactly the best actress, not really terrible, but shes pretty

    well, i've read some of her quotes and she now gives me a weird vibe now; basically, she denies her mexican roots =/ gee, and they say shes one of the sweeter girls in the industry. i liked her in dark angel but after that....
    i've heard her say mean things to a fan, basically saying "do you know who i am. let me smoke if i want to" what a *****. she made a comment about into the blue not being her fault it bombed and basically making excuses for her own poor choice in a movie. i wont expect to see her being up for an oscar. she WANTS to be takin seriously; heres a thought, stop playing the sexy girl role and people will change their minds!
  • Jessica Alba is so gorgeous!

    I love this actress! She is so gorgeous! I loved her in Dark Angel and Fantastic Four! but mostly in Dark Angel! Dark Angel is my favorite tv show! She is in so many movies but few tv shows. She should be in more tv shows as the main character! A lot of people whould watch it! I cant wait to see more movies that she is in! She was born to act! SHe can be the tough girl like in Dark Angel and Fantastic Four and the innocent ditzy girl like in Good Luck Chuck. She can play so many different parts really well!
  • An actress i never new until i watched idle hands and even then i didn't know who she was.But she then became a favorite as i got to know her work.

    Ok Jessica alba is one actress i never heard of.Well until i watched idle hads and even then her role was not that big that i didn't even care that much.She her next role i saw her in was never been kissed another role that just never made an impact on me.It was around the movie the fantastic 4 is when i began to stand up and notice her at all.With that i began to look into more of her earlier works including dark angel.As i began to see her more and more in roles and seeing many sides to her.I started to see she is as beautiful as she is talented.In time she began to become one of my favorite actresses for her talent as well as her looks.When it comes to jessica with me i see her talent as equally as i see her looks.I hope to see her in more roles to come.But i do notice her strongest acting comes from action roles.and to another degree comedy.I find her dramatic talents not that great but to be fair i'm not into dramas that much anyway.I would like to see her try a horror role to see how well she does.Well to finish whs will be one of my favorites for a long time and i will stick by her til the end.

    From a young pretty girl to a worldwide superstar Jessica Alba has done it all .From the great show Dark angel to the fantastic 4, Jessica alba never gets boring. Shes funny pretty and charming she is the ideal women for me and many other guys and an ideal role model for young girls. Jessica is an extremely talented actress with still at 26 a bright carrer ahead of her. As soon as i set eyes on her i new she would be a star in my opinion she is the hottest women to step on this Earth and thats a fact and not only is she a stunner shes a great dancer, swimmer, actress and fighter. I just wish theyd make Dark Angel come back because it would get so many viewers because everyone wants a bit of Jessica Alba . Jessica alba is an amazing full stop.
  • Jessica is one of my favourite actors.

    Jessica Alba is young talented actor from America. She is not one of these actors who doing everything that to be in the news. This is just one reason why she is cool. And yes, she also is very beautiful. Jessica act in many films, for exemple: "Beverly Hills, 90210", "Dark Angel", "Fantastic Four", "Into the Blue", "4: Rise of the Silver Surfer" and t.t. Oh, yes "Dark Angel" is one of my favourite tv shows. In this show Jessica act Max Guevara. I'm show deference to Jessica Alba, becouse she is clever person. Jessica you are the best !!!
  • Love Jessica Alba...

    Jessica Alba is a very fine actress, and a great role model to young girls. I very much appreciated her work in Dark Angel. (Along side my favourite man Jensen Ackles!) I thought it was a really great show, and she played the part extremely well. I think her runner-up performance would have to be in the movie 'Fantastic Four'. This was also an awesome movie. I think I would have to say, that out of all of the young actresses out there, Jessica Alba would have to be my favourite. She is a great person with great looks and talent.
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    Jessica Alba may not be your top-notch 'Academy Award Winning' Actress, but she certainly does have some unique talents and factors. Firstly, Jessica makes any movie with her in it worth seeing because basically, she is eye candy. Honestly, I have never seen anyone with a more perfect body than hers; every movie I see her in she always looks stunning. She makes just about every man drool with satisfaction.

    Jessica also has a great melodramatic acting ability. Yeah, I agree that in some movies this doesn't work, but in others such as comedies it certainly does. She also has a great way of acting sexy and that works all the time, even when she isn't supposed to be a enviable character.

    Jessica is basically my idol and I will probably always remember her in the future as the 'greatest person ever' in my teen years. I can't wait to see more of Jessica down the track and hopefully she will become an even larger actress than what she already is.
  • Wow!!!

    She is the sexiest woman on the planet!!! She can act quite good as well but I want to say it again: She Is So Sexy!!! I haven't seen her in her TV show "Dark Angel" but I am planning on watching it at some point. In "Fantastic Four" she gave a good acting performance(and was again, very sexy!!!). She was in "Sin City" and acted very well in that but unfortuanetly only had a small role. She was also in "into the blue" which was an awful film. Jessica Alba was the only good thing about it. She acted well and wore a bikini in one part of the film. She can act well and is a very(extremely!!)pretty girl.
  • A wonderful actress.

    I will admit that I really have not seen her in that many movies i have to say that she is a great actress. I really loved her in the show Dark Angel I thought that she did a wonderful job with the character Max. I wish the show was on the air for a couple more seasons i would have enjoyed to see where they took her character. The few movies I have seen her in were really good and i liked her characters and they way she poytrays them. I can not wait to see what else she does.
  • This is a review about how gorgeous, talented, and fun Jessica Alba is and how much I admire her.

    Jessica Alba is, in my honest opinion, the most beautiful woman in the world. She has the most gorgeous brown eyes, the most delicious looking lips, the most amazing backside (next to Jennifer Lopez), beautiful flowing hair, and a smile that is just sparkling. Her movies are getting better and better. Sin City is her best movie and performance to date. I highly anticipate the releases of Fantastic Four 2 and Good Luck Chuck. She receives tons of criticism, for some reason, for being a bad actress. I just think that she is not old enough yet. Most actresses are recognized as being good or great when they reach their thirties. Her birthday is Saturday, April 28 and she will only be 26. She is so magnificently beautiful that I cannot describe how much I appreciate her being born. She is also a very appealing person to a lot of men, not only for her looks, but for her hobbies and personality. She has a great sense of humor and constantly calls herself goofy. She also loves sports and constantly goes to Lakers games with her current boyfriend, Cash Warren (who I am, of course, completely jealous of). She enjoys playing golf and says she wants to become really good at it. I also love to golf and just recently got my first hole-in-one. I would love to teach her a couple things as long as I could take her to dinner afterwards.
  • Jessica Alba: another one of my role models.

    Jessica Alba! wow! i love the girl! She has been one of my role models/ idols for as long as i can remember. She is one of the best hollywood actressed too! She is very gorgeous! i dont know how she does it. I loved her in her movie, Into The Blue. The movie was very good in general. Whoever doesn't like her must be crazy! I just read those quotes on here and i cracked up. I esp. love the quote about asking her to be quiet and she'll be louder. hah.
    classic! I can't wait for her to do another movie!
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    Jessica Alba is really starting to blossom into a wonderful actress. When she first began her career, she was taking on these simple, teen roles that had no substance to them. But, as she grows older, she's been able to take on roles with more meat to them. She's an action hero, a dramatic star and a good comedic actress.
  • Okay, she's drop dead gorgous. Duh. But would she get these ratings if she were less pretty?

    probably not. I'll admit, I really liked her as the kick ass Max Guevara in Dark Angel. And even her role as the onedimensional honey wasn't that bad. Atleast she pulled off the moves. As you can see, my score for her ain't a 3, which it would've been if she'd sucked on the small screen too. I'm just dissappointed with her choice of roles.

    Obviously, all she thinks about is cash. (and I'm not talking about her boyfriend.) I mean, from darkhaired and darkeyed to barbie-superhero in bugbudget fantastic 4? A bubbleheaded blonde stripper in Sin City? And then ofcourse there are the less well known movies as "The Sleeping dictionary" Jess, are you really that surprised that people are talking about the way your body 'performed' instead of your overwhelming oscar-material 'talent'? Yeah, you've been an actress since you were 12. Kinda makes you wonder why you're going downhill instead of uphill. Ofcourse, you're defenitely more famous than you were a couple of years ago, but then again, so is Nicole Ritchie. So that's not neccesarily an accomplishment. C'mon girl, dare to be different than all those other golddiggers outhere. Perfect your acting skills and dare to star in a lower budget movie where there has been paid attention to the script and the director actually does a good job. And dare to be proud of yourself if you don't wanna go from an exotic, olive skinned, chocolate haired and dito eyes to a white, uberblonde blue-eyed sex bimbo. You've got the looks. But so do others. So stand out and act on it. And just a suggestion; don't answer questions in interviews with: "Yeah, y'know, I didn't like how that went like, well y'know." Kinda makes you look dumb. But who am I, as a non actress to say so? I'm a mere university student. Now let the disagreements come in.
  • This woman has obivously made an impact on many people. The only thing i can think of to say is that she must resemble the mythology goddess Aphrodite. I wish i could know her personally to see if she is as real as she seems!

    This actress is by far my personal favorite. I find that she is extremely talented and only getting better as she increases in age. It also seems she gets more beautiful the older she gets. This woman was extremely beautiful in the movie, "Into The Blue"... If you put this actress with any rising male star, you will see them take off in the acting business. I hope she continues her acting career for an extremely long time and i can not wait to see her upcoming movies. It is an exciting time in the movie business and i am glad she is one of the popular movie stars today. I believe her beauty is unmatched by any other actress. The only one that compares that has just started coming into the big scene is Scarlet Johansen. I expect Jessica to win many awards in her upcoming years... Best of luck to her and all her fans.
  • One of the hottest women in the world.

    I like Jessica Alba so freaking much, she was the only reason I watched Dark Angel, and I loved her in sin city. Her face and body are nothing but perfect and she's got a smile that conforts me even when I'm depressed.
    Jessica Alba is one of those girls that looks much better wearing casual clothes.
    The best thing of Jessica Alba is that she's not only a pretty face, but she's got a wonderful talent for acting too, and I see nothing but good things for her future. I just hope she finds a good man, and I hope its me hehe.
  • empty

    She is awesome. One of the most pretty women ever and though her filmography is not the best for the record, she is a fabolous actress, though I don't think that I have seen too many movies to judge that. Still, she is one awesome actress.
  • Beautiful and a wonderful personality.

    Jessica Alba. By hearing her name, so many things come to mind. Her beauty, her personality, her style, and heck she's hot. However, she's becoming a better actress with more experience through every passing project. She has already signed up for several movies, including the Fantastic Four and Sin City sequels. She is also doing a Japanese horror movie remake. What made me fall in love with her was her performance in Honey. One of my overall favorites, in which she truly shined as a superstar. It felt like she was down to earth, not one of those ladies who's ego floats all the way up in the stratosphere. She made a name for herself in the Dark Angel series and by starring in Into the Blue and Honey, she fell into celebrity status by blending in with the teenage demographic. Overall, big things are expected out of this actress, and at the rate she is going, nobody will ever forget the name of Jessica Alba.
  • she rules!

    she is such a great actress and its a shame that dark angel didnt last longer. she is really pretty and she kicks butt! im very into the whole girl power thing and in every thing ive seen her in she brings it, but she never looses her female charm. though i have only seen her in only a few things i think she would be great playing any role and i would very much like to see her play the villan role. i do think that dark angel should start over where it left off but i pretty happy with her in the movies. shes great.
  • Talented and gorgeous!!!

    Jessica Alba is very talented and gorgeous. I've known her form the role of Drak Angel or Max. She also made a lot of moives such as 'Sin City', 'Fantastic Four', 'Honey', 'Into The Blue' and so on....I've heard that she is making sequels for the 'Fantastic 4' where she plays an invisible girl and for 'Sin City' where she plays Nancy Calahan.
  • I Love Jessica!

    I haven't seen Jessica Alba in televison, but I saw her more on the big screen than on the small screen. I though Jessica alba is gorgeous in her own right. I caugh her in Maxim Magazine and was very hot and gorgeous. I'm in love with her. I wrote a few letters to her in support. I didn't see her is "Darth Angel," but I got pictures of her at home. she is more than gorgeous. She is a very hot woman. I haven't seen much of her, but she will return next year for the next Fantastic four movie. Can't wait to see it.
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