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  • Highly overrated, but I'm jealous that she was with Michael Weatherly :)

    She's nice to look at... That's about it really. The only thing I envy her for is that she had a relationship with Michael Weatherly :) I really don't like that she's badmouthing him because any woman would be lucky to be with Michael. Now she's saying she never should have gotten engaged to him because he's 12 years older and she was very religious. Maybe she just recently learned how to count, but she could have figured that one out when they met, right? I've never liked her in any role she played. I only liked Dark Angel because of Michael Weatherly to be honest. And he's only gotten better now he's on NCIS. Her acting abilities have never grabbed me. Just a pretty face. I'd like to see more of MW and less of her. She's just not as good as she thinks she is.