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  • Not the best actress but...

    I still love her.Beautiful.
  • Talented, Charismatic and Beautiful!

    Great actress! Loved her as bad girl Mary Camden in 7th Heaven and also in the movie Valentines Day as well as Texas Chainsaw Massacre. She is stunning and very physically fit and I also love the delivery of many of her lines throughout all the different shows and movies I've seen her in. It would be nice of her and the other cast members of 7th Heaven to appear in a reunion sometime, I'd be really interested in seeing them together again. I just wish she stuck around with the series more instead of the random guest appearances she did later on in the end. I hate how I always have to write 100 words minimum so I end up writing about crap!
  • Amazing

    I can't believe how far Jessica has come over the years. I first saw her on 7th Heaven over ten years ago, and became a fan almost instantly. I caught up to her only movie at the time, Ulee's Gold, and I loved the personality she had there. It was so different than Mary Camden and I just knew Jess would be a fantastic actress! Well, eleven years has passed and she's gone so SO so incredibly far! I really look up to her and I am still amazed whenever I hear her new projects.

    I think "wow, I knew her before she was really anyone", and she earned a name for herself beginning in 2002. In the course of seven years, she's done at least a dozen projects. Amazing.
  • empty

    Jessica Biel is one of the most magnificent actresses out there. She did an absolutely perfect job in 7th Heaven and she is a fabulous model. I also like her for her role as Abigail Whistler in Blade: Trinity
  • Talented Actress.

    As Jessica Beil's first debut appearance as Mary Camden on 7th Heaven, is where I came to know who she was. On that show I liked her as an actress just not her character, but she quit the show and moved on. I was pleased to find that she was going to be in some movies. And she has recently been in some of my favorite movies such as Elizabethtown, although she had a small part I loved her in it. Now Jessica is on the hollywood scene dating Justin Timberlake, and I think that is going to further her career and get her some good acting roles.
  • empty

    Over the past few years, Jessica Biel has come from being just another television character on "7th Heaven" to really landing some fantastic film roles. Her acting is decent and I think that she'll improve with age and as she does more and more sophisticated roles.
  • Very cool and talented acterss!

    Jessica Biel is amazing acterss! She is so gorgeous!!! I know her from '7th heaven' where she played Mary Camden-Rivera! I love that show!!! Than, I watched her in 'Elizabethtown', where she plays with Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst. I heard that she is filming a movie with Adam Sandler, called 'I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry'! I can't wait!!!
  • Her beauty distracts from how talented she is.

    I just watched London and I thought she was so great in it. Sometimes when you watch her you just get distracted because she has the most beautiful face that it is hard to see how well she acts. I really enjoyed this movie because she seemed to have alot of depth in it and I really believed she was this girl that she was playing in the movie. I hope that she can do a part where its not about how pretty she is, but just with real acting and where all the rest is stripped down. Hopefully, she will make that choice soon.
  • She's one my favorite talented actresses

    Jessica became a favorite of mine back when i saw i'll be home for christmas.That movie got me hooked on her acting talent.With each movie she made her talents began shine brighter and brighter.But i also began to notice how cool she was as a person and on top of that have great looks.I'd say her best movie for me to this day was texas chain saw masacre it brought out her best acting and showed everyone she can act by by in in a film she doesn't normally do.since she mainly does comedies a horror film is a big step for her.I think she will always be a favorite of mine until the end of time.
  • Amazing Woman! One of the Nicest people ever, and sexiest.

    Jessica Biel is an amazing actress who if was given a chance to become the star of her own show would just be a success in ratings and would make any network a hit. This girl deserves a lot more attention I think that she should have stayed on 7th Heaven becuase the show loses a little bit of it's flames without it's "Bad" girl Camden... Although she wanted to pursue other roles this girl needs to be on the last episode. Well i'm pretty sure that this girl will be a hit for many more years to come and get ready for her to take your televisions by storm.
  • I really like watching Jessica Biel on the big screen. She is great at playing her different roles.

    I really like watching Jessica Biel on the big screen. She is great at playing her different roles. I heard her say once i an interview that she loves acting in horror movies and they're definitely my favorite to watch! I own Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the one which she stars). When 7th heaven was a newer show, I watched it and she played Mary, my fav. character. I've also seen her in Cellular, Summer Catch, and more. I think she is original and ver talented. I hope to see her appear in more movies to come! Jessica Biel = Great Acting!
  • she's talented as she beautiful.

    i discovered jessica back when she had posed for gear at the time i never new who she was.After seeing gear i looked at it saying who is she.So i shrugged it off and almost fogot about her until i saw i'll be home for christmas.After seeing that movie i began to see who she was.So began to look for other works she had time she became one few personal favorite actresses that i like that have beauty and raw talent.the more i watched act the more of a favorite of mine she became.I'm glad that is fun and down to earth as a person a well few actors show this another reason why an actor becomes a favorite of mine.i hope she continues to show her talent for years to come.
  • she is the best actress tha i have come across scine i've been watching television.

    this lady is one the best young actress people tha i know of and that says alot scine i know every actor/actress that has been on television scine 2000 i hope that you people that hate/dislike her will change yoyur point of veiw. Thank you for reading what i have written all though you my not take action on these words atleast you took the time out of your busy sceduale to look at what i wrote so again I thank you for the bottom of my heart

    I can not stand Jessica Biel. She makes me so freakin' sick. She is is spoiled and she always wants the attention. She thinks she is beautiful and strong but all I think is that she is a show off and loves having everyone look at her. And besides.....Her arms look like toothpicks!!!!!!
  • Jessica Biel used to play Mary Camden on The WB Monday night show "7th Heaven."

    I wish Jessica Biel would come back AT LEAST for the series finale. It wouldn\'t be the same without her. I miss the character \"Mary Camden.\" Jessica, if you get to read this, PLEASE be a part of the series finale of \"7th Heaven.\" I miss you on the show SO MUCH!
  • She is exreamly talanted actress!

    Jessica Biel made her television debut in 1996. She portrayed the role as “Mary” on “7th Heaven.” In 1996, Mary was a 14-year-old varsity basketball player, who was struggling with dating. She felt her tall height made it hard for her to date guys her own age. Jessica portrayed the squeaky clean minister’s daughter for years, and did a wonderful job at it too.
    However, as time went on Miss Biel grew bored with her “Good girl image.” She started to get more mature material for the show. Mary soon found herself getting into trouble. She started lying and getting involved with drinking.

    I think Biel as an amazing talent. The character of Mary showed off just how diverse her acting skills truly are. Biel certainly does a good job portraying both good girls as well as bad girls. If I were a TV critic, I would give her 31/2 stars for her diverse acting ability and originality!
  • Mary needs to come back

    I used to like Mary a lot in the fist couple of seasons. But now i dont like her all as much as I used to. I dont really care if she comes back to the show but she needs to atleast come back for one episode or maybe they can show her on the phone with one of them. We just need to see her face so we can still remember that she is still part of the show. I like Mary dont get me wrong but she is started to grow on my nerves. Just come back for one episode it wont hurt you!
  • 7th Heaven needs Jessica Biel back.

    I am dissapointed in Jessica for leaving 7th Heaven. The show will never be the same without her. I f she does decide to come back, it would be a miracle, for both the viewers and the show. The show needs Jessica. I still love the show, but it's not the same as it used to be.
  • She is a very talented actress, and I do believe she is finally out of the good good girl in 7th Heaven, she deserves to be out there exploring new things like landing in good movie roles.

    Well what can I say about this person: she is older than me by 12 days, she is talented, she deserves to get bigger roles than staying on TV, what else?
    Honestly said she is really cool and really hot!! Although that I think she can do much more better but one can only know who can push it to the limit.
  • Jessica Biel, I think is one of the better actrees on 7th Heaven. I am a HUGE fan of hers, I watched one of the few movies that she has been in, I really would like to see her work that she did in Blade Trinity.

    Jessica Biel, I think is one of the better actrees on 7th Heaven. I am a HUGE fan of hers, I watched one of the few movies that she has been in, I really would like to see her work that she did in Blade Trinity. GO JESS Keep Rockin. Even though she is actually younger than her on screen sister Beverly Mitchell on 7th Heaven, is actually play the older sister on the show.