Jessica Boone





5/24/1984 , Houston, Texas

Birth Name




Jessica Boone was born on May 14, 1984 in Houston, Texas. She is a well-known actor at ADV Films, as well as one of the youngest ever to work there. She started her career in late 2002, early 2003, her senior year of high school, with the major roles of Arumi Asahina in the anime Magical Shopping Arcade AbenobashI and Misaki Suzuhara in the anime Angelic Layer. She is currently a senior at the University of Houston and is going for a degree in acting and directing. In addition, she still works for ADV Films, with an impressive amount of characters from anime series, including (but not limited too) Chiyo Mihama in , Azmaria Hendric in Chrono Crusade, Atsuko Akanegi in Diamond Daydreams, Megumi Akiba in Nurse Witch Komugi, Akari in This Ugly Yet Beautiful World, and Sayuri Sawatari in the acclaimed movie The Place Promised in Our Early Days.