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    • Jessica became engaged to her Junior High School sweetheart John on December 25th, 2006 and was married on April 13, 2008.

    • Jessica graduated in May 2007 with a BA in Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. She majored in Theatre and minored in Film Studies. She graduated with Manga Cum Laude honors.

    • Jessica records and flubs some of her lines on camera in the DVD featurette, In the Studio, on the Princess Tutu DVD Volume 1. She voices Rue in the TV series.

    • Jessica's first voice acting role was a bit role in the Nuku Nuku anime.

    • Jessica spent most of her childhood in the Houston area. In 2003, she commented that she hasn't been to Japan.

    • Jessica has a brother who is nine years younger than her.

    • Jessica enjoys listening to anime soundtracks, especially the opening and closing themes.

    • Jessica was briefly on the cheerleading squad in high school, because she soon became their mascot, which she found more enjoyable.

    • Although some of her characters are somewhat clueless and naive, Jessica stated she's not a blonde, and that she has brown hair.

    • Jessica modeled her voicing of Misaki Suzuhara, the main character in Angelic Layer, after her little cousin.

      Jessica modeled her voicing of Mio Hio, from D.N. Angel, after the stereotypical spazzy college sorority girl, even ad libbing some of her lines.

    • When she showed her father one of the anime she voiced a character in, he could not tell which one was her. They even argued about it!

    • Jessica took a class in phonetics where she learned the International Phonetic Alphabet.

    • Due to all the younger roles Jessica plays, many people think she's a child. On the Angelic Layer DVD Commentary, Jessica tells a story of how as an older teenager, she was still mistaken for a young teen at the airport.

    • Jessica has stated in her "IGN: Babes of ADV Voice-Over" interview, that she is bad at doing "little boy voices".

    • While taking a class at the Alley Theatre in Houston, Jessica was approached by ADV employee Steven Foster, who asked her to audition at ADV, since they always need young sounding voices.

    • Unlike most anime voice actors, Jessica had almost no trouble dubbing with the mouth flaps of the characters in an anime series.

    • Jessica has stated that she has picked up a number of things about Japanese culture while doing anime, specifically Azumanga Daioh and Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi, and at anime conventions.

    • Jessica loves to surf and is so devoted to it that she travels 45 minutes just to get to the nearest beach.

    • Jessica belongs to a group called "Shakespeare Outreach", an organization that goes around to different high schools to teach children about Shakespeare.

    • In 2006, she was featured in IGN's "Babes of ADV Voice-Over" and in the magazine Anime Insider's "The Girls of Anime: Super Gals". Both included a potshoot and a brief interview.

    • Jessica appeared at only two anime conventions, Anime Weekend Atlanta 2005 in Atlanta, Georgia, and Sakura-Con 2006 in Seattle, Washington.

    • Jessica has appeared in one convention, as of 2006, Anime Weekend Atlanta 11.

    • On June 18, 2005 a website was created for Jessica via Yahoo Groups. She soon discovered it and made it "official."

    • Jessica is the voice of Ruby in the video game "Unlimited Saga".

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