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    • Jessica: I'm a Midwesterner! Not being able to have a cheeseburger once in a while would be torture! A lot of the way you eat depends on how you were brought up. But obviously, I know the reasons to become vegetarian and the more I think about them I know I need to stop eating red meat.

    • Jessica: (on helping with preserving the environment) Do the best that you can. You can't completely change everything at once. We kind of find the little ways we can change things. And any step towards the better is, obviously, better.

    • Jessica: (after becoming a series regular on the show) I personally was a fan of Grey's before I went there so I run the risk of sounding - now that I get to be a part of the cast - braggy because I think it's awesome!

    • Jessica: (her mother being actress Kate Capshaw) Part of what made my mother so hungry and ambitious was that she didn't have a safety net... That's why I didn't go to them for an agent. I didn't go to them for a manager. And I certainly never said, 'Can you get me a job?'

    • Jessica: (playing the chubby Dorothy in "Valentine") That resonated with me, because I was a chubby little kid myself. It meant I had to cultivate other sensibilities -- intelligence and humor -- instead.

    • Jessica: (having Kate Capshaw and Steven Spielberg as her parents) With Steven and my mom being who they are, I tend to think, what can I do that can even compare or make them go, 'Wow'?

    • Jessica: (on choosing to become an actress) It was a choice that I made which was not to say, 'Hollywood, here I come.' You have to really want to do this to do it. No matter who you are.

    • Jessica: I'm not afraid. If I fall on my face, I'll just get up and wipe my knees off and go on.

    • Jessica: (on acting advice from his stepfather, Steven Spielberg) When Steven's working with an actor, he has lots to say. But he doesn't have [general] advice on acting because it's not what he considers himself an authority on.

    • Jessica: I had a lot of misconceptions about what it was like to be an actor in Hollywood. You have all these ideas in your head of what it means, and they get completely shattered as soon as you get here.