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    Jessica Chaffin is an American actress, comedian, and writer, best known for her role as Coco Wexler on Zoey 101. Jessica Chaffin has done many guest voice appearances on Nickelodeon animated programs. Chaffin is also known for playing Coco Wexler, the girls' dorm consultant on all four seasons of Nickelodeon's Zoey Chaffin is one-half of the very successful comedy team with Jamie Denbo named Ronna and Beverly.

    Jessica Chaffin has made guest appearances on television programs such as Weeds, Entourage, and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

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    Awesome actress! She is famous on Nick for her role on The Amanda Show and I just realized that it is also her on Zoey 101, I hope to become her editor because I imagine she is so sweet, this person's bio is completely empty, but I hope to make it full, I think she is a smidge over weight though, maybe she could comepete on The Biggest Loser, l o l. I think she may do moderately well as a main character on a sitcom, though not a sitcom for children, a sitcom for teenagers and or adults.

    Go Jessica!
  • An actress.

    Jessicca Chaffin plays CoCo on Zoey 101, and she is one great actress. She needs few fixing with her voice, but wonderful at acting. Including episodes such as "Surprise", "Prank Week", "Hot Dean", and "Favor Chain". Keep up the good work Jessica Chaffin. NOTE: In the first paragraph, I would like to note out I spelled Jessica wrong, as in Jessicca. Thanks for noting it out.

    This is ThereGoesHalo3 with person review of Jessica Chaffin also known as Zoey 101's CoCo from Surprise, Prank Week, Hot Dean and my all-time favorite episode of the series and Season 4, Favor Chain. Chow for now.